Sunday, February 6, 2011

A new leg to stand on

Belated post but more info.  Yes, Bojan finally, finally got his new leg.  Wish I had a picture of before & after but honestly, I don't always have the camera around. But do have a few new pictures of his leg.  Little info first.  Bojan has needed a new leg for a long time.  We actually started the process months & months ago but then quit b/c he was getting surgery on the other clubfoot & would be wheelchair bound for months.  Had to wait till after surgery & healing took place.  In the mean time, his socket was getting so small, he couldnt' even get his leg in it.  Still none of understand how he was able to walk on it.  But like Frank (his prosthetist) says... you can give that boy a stick & he'd be able to walk on it.  So true too.  Long story short, got all the casting and fittings done.  Time for his new leg. 

Wished I'd gotten him standing up.  Bojan went w/ a plain black socket this time.  I think he's finally outgrown characters and bright colors.  He now has all adult componentry on the knee.

This is Bojan's new leg.  Well, can't really see the socket but you get the idea.  Pretty fancy, huh?  It's an Otto Bock knee this time.  Has hyrdraulics and all that stuff too.  

Look at the size of that foot!  He's old shoes don't fit any more and we need to go get new ones.  Just haven't had the chance yet.  Everyone is obviously curious and checking out his new equipment.  The old socket is laying there on the left.  The new socket is twice the size.  Again, simply amazing he was walking so long on it.  He really grew while he was wheelchair bound.  Crazy, huh?  Bojan is happy w/ his new leg.  Trouble is we are trying to decide whether to return the new knee.  We have 30 days to do so.  See, for some reason, he is not bending this new leg.  Don't know what is up w/ that.  Bojan wants to keep this one but not sure.  Going this week to see.  

Bojan does absolutely fine w/ his prosthetic.  No issues whatsoever when it comes to learning how to walk.  Allows him to do anything.  Wonderful thing for sure.  Many limb different kids don't have these chances over in Eastern European orphanages.  The services are just not there.  Most will not learn how to walk or have the corrective surgeries they need.  Sad as it is such a fairly easy fix and such a life changing thing for a kid.  Anyone thinking of adopting a child missing a limb, do go for it.  VERY easy to deal w/ special need in my opinion.  

More to come in another post.  Please, please everyone, I really do need a last minute rally for these fundraiser towels.  Please help if you can.  We'd greatly appreciate it.  Have a wonderful weekend!  We're not into football here so I'm not really rooting for anyone.  I'm sure many are watching the game today.  Warren is at the doc w/ Nik who's in rough shape.  He has asthma & is having a hard time breathing.  Nebs are not working.  He needs a steroid in my opinion.  We'll see.  His lungs are rattling.  Well, as best as I could unofficaly listen.  LOL.  I don't have a stethoscope.  I'm under the weather but trying to get things done in between resting.  Everyone is super cleaning today.  Have a wonderful week & stay tune for more news from Chaos Manor.

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  1. So true about limb difference kiddos... my Elina has taught herself how to walk... I think the hardest thing is finding a good pediatric physical therapist in my area... that really "gets" the difference between teaching an adult who recently lost a limb comparative to a child who never had the limbs to begin with. I am in that process now after getting new sockets from Shriners and doing intense PT. We NEED to get on it and find a good PT in our area.