Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miscellaneous pictures

I know the blog has been a bit wordy lately.  Wait till my next post.  Yes, it's long.  And, it's a topic that some shudder at...RAD.  I've been adding to it,taking away, etc.  Then, just decided to write about one of my RADishes at a time.  3rd post will be how we deal with our RADishes and FASers on a daily basis.   thought I'd give you all a heads up.  I know discussing RAD or FAS can be touchy for some.  It's not easy but I want others to know what we've experienced & how we "survived" it.  It was not a cake walk & is something that needs to be more publicized by adoption agencies as a risk when you adopt.  Anyhow, I thought time for some miscellaneous pictures I've found.  So, here we go. 

I have no idea what Nik's plans are for that extra rope he's tying on there.  who knows.  The redneck pirate ship is gone so now they have to think of something else tacky to put up there.  Ahh, yard of the month my house will never receive that honor.  

Don't know why, but Alyona was really craving more rice.  Told her if you can get it out of that pot, you can have it.  And boy, did she ever try!  

Wondering why Bojan's face is so red??  Eyes watering??  Can be nothing other than a stupid brother dare.  Yep.  He and Max dared each other to eat jalapeno peppers w/out stopping and w/out water to drink.  These two do the strangest things every night.  You never know what will happen at our dinner table next.  By the end of this, Bojan's face was totally, totally red.  Tears running down his face.  And he kept going.  

We bought the kids some plants to take care of.  Kids with FAS and RAD do need to learn how to care for things.  Some of these kids lack empathy.  We give them plants to learn how to care for another thing.  We then will step it up to fish.  Must do it in this order.  Why?  Otherwise, there will be some dead fish.  Remember that dirty fish bowl we found in Alex's room. It is now in Yana's and has remained clean.  Boys now have the above plant.  You can't really kill a snake plant.  It's pretty much the heartiest thing you can buy as far as plants go. Very little watering required.  So, figured it would be great for the boys to start over caring for a plant & then moving back up to fish again.  We had hermit crabs at one point.  Well, need to get going.  Have a wonderful week & spend some time in the great outdoors.  That's where I'm headed now for some fresh air w/ the "littles."  Only have 2 today & we've done the bounce house already.  Had some homemade pizza (never buy frozen kind) and they've been playing for a few minutes before we head out to the sunshine.  I'll clean up a bit while they tackle the sandbox & swing set.  They're going to help me start setting up the garden in about a month & a half.  Can't wait.  We already have some seeds we just started inside but just a few peppers and herbs.   Now, off to plant an indoor plant w/ the "littles" so they can watch it grow over the next few weeks.  Hope my herbs & peppers grow just as fast.  LOL. 


  1. I can't wait for your RAD posts...my eldest may/may not have some degree of attachment issues. We're having the hardest time sorting out her issues..but something is SO not right. We're starting with a neurology evaluation in 2 weeks and I guess we'll go from there. In the meantime, I appreciate all that you share!!! :)

  2. Stephanie, I LOVE when you talk about RAD & FAS/FAE. I love to hear about Asperger's and Mild MR and PTSD and ADHD and Auditory Processing and Bipolar. I love to glean resources, coping mechanisms and information from other parents who are in the trenches with me. I am not alone. That's how it helps me. Keep blogging sister!

    Praying for your adoption journey! We, too, are adopting another 2-3 children real soon, from American Foster System though. We have our final case worker walk-thru on 2/24/11. Say a prayer. It is all good!

    God is AMAZING! Keep blogging about RAD & I just love all your pics of the kids (they are getting so big!)

    With love, Ginger

  3. Learning more and more about RAD every day because a friend adopted a daughter (american but inner city and older) and has been dx w/ RAD. Tough stuff! I had no idea. The pictures here are priceless LOL