Friday, February 18, 2011

Max's makings

Thought it was time to share some of the things Max has built around the house.  He is the resident fix it man.  He fixed Bojan's pocket watch the other day.  Warren was rather impressed by that.  Wasn't an easy fix. 

Max built this teeter-toter all by himself.  Kids love it as you can see.  Not too bad for using scrap wood we had laying around.  

This is the base of it.  It is all made from scrap would.  I'd say pretty creative if you ask me.  I just don't know how he comes up with these things.

A top view of the teeter toter.  One of the littles in the picture is taking a board to make it go up and down.  She was showing me how it worked.

Alyona looks a little nervous when she first went on it.  And yes, the nails sticking up Max later removed.  They were screws & he cut them off.  

Nik helping the girls.  My 11.5 yo is a great match up w/ one of the 4yo's I watch.  The kids really have had a good time with what Max made for them.  He's tweaked it here & there but basically left it as is.  All the kids are enjoying it.  May have to move it closer to the playground though.  It's right in the path where everyone walks in & out of the yard.  

More going on at Chaos Manor.  Right now, I'm just a little miffed at the kids' school.  many reasons but common sense has left the building.  Bojan got in trouble yesterday for bringing...wait for it...wait for it...water.  Yep, that dangerous drink called seltzer water.  You know, the one w/ NO sugar, NO caffiene, and NO calories.  It's b/c it came in a can.  Now, I see kids in that lunch room sucking down chips, fruit roll-ups(fake fruit), gummy candies, etc. yet my son gets in trouble for seltzer water?!  Where on earth is the common sense folks?  This school district has lost it's mind.  Not that it had one to start with.  Let's see, what else today... Oh yeh.  Alyona got in trouble for wearing a cute outfit.  I will show a picture but don't have it loaded yet.  And it was NOT spaghetti straps.  Nice, appropriate outfit imo.  Apparently, the rules changed this year where it is supposed to be 4 finger straps instead of the 3 finger ones it has been the past couple of years.  Really?  She wore this outfit last year & she can't wear it this year?  I've had enough of this garbage with the schools.  Focus on education dog gone it.  Not my decently dressed and decently fed kids.  Oh, they also want to change the schools to year round just for elementary.  Had a teacher contradict herself this morning on the issue.  Got to love it.  More on that later.  Just fed up with the schools today if you couldn't tell.  Anyhow, gorgeous weekend so going to enjoy it.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Let me know what you think of Max's creation.  I'll have another one of his later.

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  1. I love how creative Max is! Wish I could borrow him sometime. LOL!

    The schools are nuts! Crazy! Next thing you know, they'll charge you for air or send a note home saying your kid was breathing someone else's. LOL! Hang in there fellow Trauma Mama!

    You're the greatest!

    Take care!