Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Max's artwork

It's been awhile since I shared Max's artistic ability.  Found two drawings from this week so thought you might want to take a look. 

You'll have to click on it to make it larger.  I am really not sure what this thing/ man is.  You can tell he wasn't done w/ it as there are eraser marks on it.  The shadow on the bottom is my camera & not from Max.  I think it shows detail in his talent though.  Still trying to convince him to make me flowers one day.  

You'd have to ask Max what kind of engine this is.  I have no unearthly idea.  Max really does like drawing.  His art teacher says he definitely has a talent for it.  He's even ahead on his classwork & sketches for the class.  As of yesterday.  So, that it wonderful.  

Once I find his portfolio, I'll put some of his other works on here.  These were just two laying on the table.  I know he wasn't finished with them but you get the idea of what he can do.  You should see him draw the Iron Giant.  Amazing.  Really amazing.  More to come.  Figured we'd had enough waiting posts.  Gee, 3 posts so far in one day.  Maybe I am catching up after all.  LOL.  Have a relaxing evening. 


  1. Wow Stephanie!! I bet he would get a kick out of my previous sketches... back when I had free time!! These days forget it... LOL!! I was asked to draw for a comic book once... I used to love drawing anything with tons of details... mostly vampires, freaky characters, intricate animals, etc... I think the last time I spent a few hours with a sketch book was before Connor was born... but seeing Max's art brought back some beautiful memories... maybe if I can find my sketches I will take a few pics.... he would probably get a kick out of it!! Maybe what I SHOULD do is pull out my sketch book, shut off the tv, laptop, cell phone and all other eletronic devices... and just draw!!

  2. Amazing! That little guy has a special gifting!