Monday, February 14, 2011

Manic Monday

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Nothing special happening here that I'm aware of.  Yesterday was pretty low key for us.  Went to church and then to Big Lots for bread.  They were wiped out completely as the store is moving & everything is 30% off.  Picked up a few school supplies while there but nothing really much of anything.  Warren fixed a few things around the house.  Not sure why but our toilet paper dispensers get ripped out of the wall all the time.  We even bought them a free standing one & they broke that too!  If they don't have something, it ends up in the toilet.  URGHH!!!  One of those pet peeves for sure.  Girls went to youth group.  Decided since we forgot to leave meat out, we'd have some fresh veggies grilled over rice.  Yum.

Today is busy as well.  Warren took Irina to attempt her permit test again.  She did not pass.  It is her third time taking it.  I feel really bad for her.  She tries so hard.  Just wish she could pass it.  The first time, she's missed it by 1 question.  The last two times, 6 questions.  Hoping she'll give it another shot.  Lady even let her wear headphones today.  She did better w/ headphones on.  Lady talked to Warren a bit and could tell something was up w/ Irina.  She's seen enough go in & out of the DMV that I'm sure she can spot the challenged ones.  It is hard sometimes with children that are cognitively delayed.  They try so, so hard.  The motivation, desire, & effort is there.  The ability is not however, and that makes it very tough for them.  We said we'd work with her this next time. 

Went to the bank to get some notarizing done.  Also, dropped off apostilles at SOS office.  I also spent time last night getting organized.  Our list of stuff to do is a mile long & trying to tackle it one thing at a time.  Many things require some time off for Warren so trying to figure the best time for him to take off work.   Poor guy.  One day he'll actually use a vacation day for a vacation.  Some things we need to tackle:  1) upstairs room needs to be converted to the girls' room (painting) 2)  Irina needs to apply for SSI now that she's 18.  3)  Both cars need to be taken in for repairs.  4)  Tons of doc appts. need to be made.  5)  Yard needs to be prepped for spring.  6)  Pictures need to be mailed to Serbia. I can do some of this on my own. Today, I actually have the entire day off and am getting phone calls made, appointments made and such.  It's SO quiet though with no "littles" here.  Mind boggling.  Yet, everyone once in awhile, it is really nice to sit back and enjoy the silence. 

Lots getting done today for sure.  I've started this post several times.  Just was able to accomplish so much today w/ no littles here!  It was awesome.  So many phone calls made, insurance issues straightened out, papers organized, papers filled out, etc.  Just pleasant to be able to have stuff done.  Max & I even went for a walk today w/ the puppies.  Beautiful day outside to boot.  Sun shining and everything.  Flowers are already starting to pop up here & there so spring will be right around the corner, I'm sure.  Got to go and finish start homework w/ the kids.  Then, workout time.  Last week was a nightmare at Chaos Manor w/ more than just the kids.  Just was a crazy, very hard week.  Now, this week has been fantastic already.  Love it.  Last week I was horrible on the counting calories and actually doing my routine & such.  So, this week, I'm back in the groove.  Like I said, Max & I went walking.  Getting ready to go weightlift a little downstairs & stretch.  Later, it's cardio.  never do that until Warren is home b/c I hate having to stop &  tell the kids something.  Just feels great to be back to normal.  Not sure if you all know what I mean but just got out of sync and being back in sync feels great.  Much more to come.  I have started two separate RAD posts and really wnat to finish at least one of them soon.  It's a very hard topic.  It really is.  It's honest & may hurt to the core.  But, sometimes that is part of healing.  I just have read it over & over making sure that others will understand this view of RAD and what all it entails.  I want it to be real.  More on that later.  Nik is not making his lunch for tomorrow so need to go take care of that. 

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