Monday, February 7, 2011

Manic Monday

This week has to be better than last one.  Cant' take much more.  Fundraiser is ending today so you still have time to get a great towel!  but ONLY today is left.  After that, gone for good.  So, please go check it out & place your order.

Today we take the puppies back to the vet.  Not quite sure what I feel like saying to them.  I'll think of something, I'm sure.  This is to just check the incisions & how they're healing.  Trouble is, our poor pups get car sick.  Yep, each & every time they travel in the car.  Never happened to us before w/ any of our other dogs so if anyone has suggestions, do tell.

It will be a craft day for the littles today.  Lots of V-day stuff to do.  Fun stuff I hope.  That, and I bought some preschool workbooks.  Keeping them occupied for sure.  Working on shoe tying too.

Let's see about this week.  Pups go to the vet.  Warren and I have chiro appts.  Irina goes to ENT on Tuesday to see if we'll need to do surgery or not.   Irina has an open house on Wednesday starting at 4pm.  Yeh, what idiot scheduled that stuff?!  Duh, other kids are in school still (county knows this of course) & parents are still at work.  AGain, county knows this.  I may just drag the 11 down there to open house anyhow.  Would love to ask some "common sense" questions.  We'll just say education is lacking in this county of the state and leave it at that.  Unfortunately, this state makes the news all too often in regards to education.  Speech therapist comes twice next week as usual.  Both cars need to go in for check ups and inspections.  Dreading that one as van does need new tires.  Getting prepped for Valentine's Day for the kids.  Trying to think of something for Warren.  Hard to do as we really can't go anywhere right now.  Nor afford anything. 

Anyhow, trying to get stuff done.  We did a lot of cleaning and cleaning out this past weekend.  It was great.  Nik is home sick today.  Only have 2 "littles" today & they are tired from their weekend at home.  So, 3 mellow kids here.  Looks like crafts and story time for sure.  I got all the kids' v-day stuff finished & sent off to school.  I was determined to get them done& did. 

Warren & I have been talking lately of what of focus is after this adoption.  I mean,  this is our final set of adoptions.  We need to move onto a different focus.  We would love to travel & teach our kids.  Not saying quit a job & travel just saying traveling more.  Letting them learn from the world around them.  We have tons of history in this state, lots of free stuff and just some great weekend trips that would be low cost for us to take.  Our dream is to do a cross country trip in summer of 2012.  To do that, takes a lot of planning.  Right now, might not even be feasible given the cost of this adoption.  We are way short right now & trying to figure it all out.  The incident at the vets did not help.  I'll share that post later.  It was crazy to say the least.  We want to focus on something other than the adoption.  If you focus on the adoption too much, it can consume you & that is no good for anyone.  Beside travel  wishful thinking, our focus is all on what to do with our transition children.  Some of our children will not be able to live independently as adults.  This is weighing heavy on our minds.  What is the best way to help them?  Where will they live?  How can we expand the house to make it work for them?  What can we produce that they can be a part of & earn a living?  So many questions and so little answers.  Working on it.  Truly a manic Monday.  Much more to come.  One major focus event at a time.  Pictures tomorrow as I finally dumped the camera.  Have a wonderful week & please help spread the word on our last day of the fundraiser. 

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