Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Irina's ENT check up

Took Irina to the ENT today.  She has a hole in her nose.  Doc is going to leave it be.  I agree after all the explanations.  She has more serious, serious issues going on instead.  Irina has severe, severe acid reflux & GERD.  Her arytenoids are 3X the normal size.  they are around the vocal chords apparently.  He is doing a videoscope on the first of March to see her progress.  Irina will be going on Prevacid and Zantac and ointment , and a few other instructions.  Her diet is to completely change.  Though, most of the diet regimen we follow anyhow.  Remember, Irina has gained over 40 lbs since starting school due to stress at school. She does not do well in that environment.  She will definitely be homeschooled now.  I know we've gone back and forth but her health is at stake at this point and frankly, I can't take any more "inclusion" garbage at that high school which has turned inclusion into seclusion.  Ridiculous but that's for another post in & of itself.  Inclusion here is not done the way it was intended.  Irina has to be in an controlled environment and school is not it.  Not here anyhow.

I have developed a health plan of sorts for her.  Exercise plan as well.  We'll get there.  For some reason though, doc is very worried about the vocal chords.  Find out more March 1 and there is nothing we can do until then.  

I wrote this yesterday.  I have been extremely busy lately.  I will play catch up on here at some point but for now, just the stuff that needs to be said.  Mainly, concerned w/ Irina.  Making sure she is healthy and gets what she needs.  Our other issue w/ Irina is driving.  Having FAS and some of the other disabilities she does, the driving test is very hard for her.  She was crying at the DMV.  It was her second time taking it.  First time, she missed it by one question.  This is the test for her to get her permit.  It's hard seeing her try so hard and fail.  But, I also know it's part of life and we must teach her to learn from it.  Still, no easy task.  Warren is talking to her right now.  Hoping she passes it next time.  She doesn't want to take it again if she fails this next time.  Hard. 

More to come.  Just need to get stuff done.  Two hour delay tomorrow for school.  We have more snow in our freezer right now than we do outside.  It's nuts.  Oh well.  We go with the flow here.  Got to do a picture post b/c words are just getting too much on here.  But, wanted to let you know we really are trying to comfort our daughter.  Remember, though she's 18, she is mentally more like 12.  She is in between worlds right now.  She realizes she is different and has realized recently she is more slow than most of her peers.  This is a lot for a young lady to deal with.  We are helping her with this.  Just takes time and encouragement.  So, if anyone locally sees her or notices her, just say a kind word or say hello.  It would mean the world to her.  We love Irina and just want to help her through this.  More explanations in a bit. 

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  1. I am SO sorry your little girl is having such a hard time. Bless her heart. I am praying for her. Hang in there.