Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fixing it up

It's that time of year again.  Spring.  Well, maybe not quite yet but we're seeing tiny signs of it.

Some crocuses recently popped up.  Daffodils are not far behind.  You can see them starting to grow.  Love the bright, vibrant yellows.  After all the browns of winter, nice to see some color slowly starting to arrive.  

With spring around the corner, we have also been busy cleaning out the clutter(ongoing issue really) & making repairs around the house.  Our home is aging, has kids & dogs in and out of it, so it is obvious that little things are going to have to be fixed.  Last week, we had to rip out our back door.  There was no avoiding it any longer as water was starting to leak in the back door.  

this was the start of the process of ripping out the back door & fixing the frame.  We had to see just how much damage we were dealing with.

this was the galvinized steel that was supposed to protect our door.  It was never installed correctly and as you can see, rusted through.  Not good.

This is our door frame.  You can see part of the rot of it.  Took quite a bit to fix it but still cheaper than a new door.  

Kota, just hanging out watching the action.  He's become VERY protective of the family & the kids I watch.  Umm, no strangers are coming in here w/out some words from Kota.  He was hesitant of the workers but the second day, he was fine w/ them.  We love him to pieces.  

This wood is not supposed to be wet.  This side was not as bad as the other side.  We had to dig out the other side of the house itself to get rid of the rot.  It was deep but caught it in time before the real danger started.  It's frustrating when you have to do costly repairs during an adoption but it's just the way it goes.  You can't let the place rot  as it would costs thousands later down the road if this were let go.  So, it's fixed now and that's what counts.  Nice not to have rain come in the house while it's raining.  

Lots of other things are happening here as you can imagine.  Warren is w/ Bojan at the prosthetic doc.  Well, at least I hope he is.  They called me & said there is a natural gas leak & they're not letting cars through.  Warren called from the car & they had to walk quite a ways but they made it.  Keeping fingers crossed that they'll still see him.  Tomorrow, Nik goes to the dentist.  Last time, he was traumatized severely.  Same thing happened to my neighbor's kid the week before at the same dentist.  Now, we've gone here for years upon years w/ no issues whatsoever.  However, recently there have been many staff changes so not sure what may be happening.  Just know we'll be back there w/ him tomorrow to make sure all is alright.  Irina also has a regular checkup tomorrow.  I'm concerned about her.  She is having bloodwork done and I am anxious to hear the results.  Remember, she was supposed to have this done at neurology back in December but her & Warren missed the appointment by 10 minutes.  New appointment is now in March. URGHH!!!  We have a meeting on Thursday w/ Max's math teacher.  Ahh, another time we have to explain FAS and the lack of short term memory they have or understanding of abstract concepts.  Should be fun.  Doubt it.  Art teacher called today & Max is ahead (did you hear that?!), ahead in assignments.  Art teacher is very impressed w/ Max's talent.  Got to go.  Need to figure out dinner and speech therapist is coming soon.  Have a great evening and I'll have more later. 

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