Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dining Room Dish

Okay, I thought I'd try something new.  Like listening at the dining room table when they are talking.  LOL.  We always eat dinner together every night or at least almost every night.  Just a rule really.  Every single time something crazy happens or something out of the blue is said.  Each night we have plates.  Of course.  Well, there are 8 green ones & 1 red one.  The person who gets the red plate has to tell their high & their low of the day.  Umm, this never goes over that well when the person getting that plate is angry or had a rough day but we do it anyway.  Reason we have 8 the same color & 1 different is there were only 8 the same on sale.  We've been doing this for awhile now & kids seem to respond.  Anything that gets FAS kids recalling things is a good thing.

Sometimes at the table there is talking.  Sometimes laughter and sometimes yelling unfortunately.  hate to admit it but it happens when they do something stupid.  And trust me, they do.  So, thought I'd do a Dining Room Dish every once in awhile to share some things said here & there or what transpired.  Tonight, Alex goes to sit down at the table.  Sees the plate of roast, baked beans, & garlic bread & proceeds to ask " Do we need to use a fork with this?"  We don't call him neanderthal man at the dinner table for nothing.  This kid would gladly forgo any & all eating utensils and do just fine.  Normally we would not have baked beans w/ a roast but I had leftovers that needed to go.  Shortly after that, Alyona pipes up " I want to be a vampire when I grow up."  Warren said "that would really suck."  got to love the stupid humor at our table.  BTW, Alyona was totally serious.  Before this for years, she wanted to be the tooth fairy.  I know more went on but that's all I can remember off the top of my head. 

Hope you enjoyed this segment of Dining Room Dish.  More to come later tonight I hope.  Right now, getting kids ready for bed & chores done.  After that, I'm filling out a grant application.  Deadline:  March first.  Umm, next week.  I'm used to pressuring deadlines.  Enjoy your evening.  We seriously can't wait till the weekend.  Been a long week.  Going to maybe take kids to the theater tomorrow.  We have a wonderful cheap seats theater here.  $2.50 a seat & I have a buy one get one coupon.  May see Harry Potter.  Then, with high hopes, sleeping in on Saturday & then repairing the house a bit.  Just a great low key weekend I think.  Got to go get some paperwork done. 

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  1. I love the plate idea!! I think we may try that~ You have a great family~