Saturday, February 19, 2011

A day in the woods

We live in NC.  Typically, it's still chilly here in February.  Not in the high 70's like it was today.  But, in true NC fashion, we put shorts on (a staple in this state for like 9 months of the year if not more), and waited for the sun to beat down on us.  Warren had to work this morning so he was up here working while the kids & I went to work cleaning the backyard, weeding around the pool, picking up the yard, tearing down tacky window plastic, & various other outdoor activities for prepping a house for spring next month.  Then cleaned up inside the house...a little.  Warren & Max hauled off the trash.  Then, we all loaded up in the van and headed out.

All of us loaded in the van.  Notice next to Nik the baby dolls strapped into the "littles" carseats?  Gosh, can you ever tell Nik is white or what!  Geez, is that kid pale in winter.  LOL.  Careful, the light reflecting off his skin may hurt your eyes.  What's crazy is in the summer, he is one of our darker kids.  

We went to some local paved trails.  We thought it was time to get back to nature a bit since it's warmer.  We picked paved trails b/c Bojan's foot is still swollen and didn't want him to over do it by walking on natural terrain.  These paths were up & down and just was very pleasant out. 

They all enjoyed the walk & taking time to look around at things.  Many things were discovered and seen today.  Love it when the kids spot something out of the ordinary or something new.

A bird....

a baby turtle....

and some geese were just a few of the animals spotted today.  There were also many other neat things that the kids enjoyed looking at.  

They had some beautiful ponds in the woods for sure.  

Warren helping Nik after he had something happen to his glasses.  

Do you see it??  All but one smiling at once!  That is considered success at this house.  Don't know exactly what Alex's deal was.  And I do believe there is room for 3 more on that log.  

Ahh, a matter of time before Alex got in trouble & had to be "handcuffed" to one of us for awhile.  Hate it when he does this.  No matter where we go, what we do, Alex has the compulsion to kick or throw anything in sight.  Shoe, rock, stick, candy wrapper, does not matter the source.  Does the same thing at home.  One day, he'll eventually learn.  One day.  Today, was not that day.  He would throw anything he found on the ground.  

A neat twisted tree.  Vines are choking it.  Was interesting seeing what the kids would spot in the woods on the trail.  

Look at this cool tree.  Kids loved to sit on it. Tree goes way up.  Just made for a neat bench.  I think Yana was enjoying banging their heads together just a little too much.  

After a nice long walk, we headed home and cooked dinner.  Chicken on the grill, rice, and beans.  Just hit the spot after a nice little hike. Still craving some chocolate but none in the house.  Maybe tomorrow.  LOL.  Kids are watching Over the Hedge right now.  Cute movie.  Warren needs to do the taxes.  Church tomorrow and maybe a book fair.  Maybe.  You can get a whole box of books for $5.  A neighbor told me of the event.  Free admission and books for everyone.  Might be worth going to.  We'll see.  Hope you all got outside for such a gorgeous day. 


  1. Looks like fun!! We are waiting for more snow.

  2. Looks like a great day outdoors!! I think you are right...that log can easily hold 3 more! It will be a great day when they are home with you all and can try it out! :)

    Blessings, Jennifer