Friday, February 11, 2011

At home entertainment

Sometimes, our kids entertain themselves at home, entertain each other or entertain us.  So, thought I'd share a few pictures of what forms of entertainment have been going on around here.

Nik is listening to Warren read a story to him.  Nik loves to listen to books most of the time.  He wants to read so badly.  He keeps trying to sneak big books to school.  Including the Bible.  LOL.  

Max entertaining four of the "littles."  They absolutely love Max when he comes home from school.  He's great for giving me a much needed five minute break while he lets them chase him around the house & play w/ him.  Max will no doubt make a great father one day.  (if he can get his grades in order but that post is forthcoming).  

What can be more entertaining than raiding the fridge??  Alex attempting to sneak a snack right after a bath.  Some of my boys would be better served via a trough I swear.  We have 2 fridges in our kitchen & still never enough.  The only reason they don't raid the freezer in the garage is laziness, I'm sure.  

Now, keep in mind we have a giant table in the dining room.  Apparently, a recliner is more entertaining to draw on.  And, I can't figure out if this was Nik or one of the "littles."  Nice tear to match the artwork on there, huh?  

Another form of entertainment for Max is re-engineering toys.  Here, he's taking transformers and modifying them into new ones.  Interesting work for sure.  Hey, it keeps him entertained.  There were plastic pieces all over the rug afterwards.

This is Nik entertaining himself w/ I don't know what.  LOL.  He's got some tunnels & what looks like water on them.  Glue stick equals entertainment for kids.  Imagination.... I let them have at it.  BTW, we bought that Russian Lilo & Stitch DVD in Stavropol. It's dubbed over in English.  Hilarious to listen to.  I think we keep it more for laughter now.

Nik trying on a new backpack Warren had brought home from work.  Someone left in the break room w/ a note if someone wanted it, to take it.  Well, we go through many, many bookbags here & can always use one.  Nik got this one & loves it.  I think he's going to be  a heart breaker later, what do you think?  Has that look about him.  Got to love the clutter in the background,huh?  Hey, we live here, it's not a museum.  Couldn't be w/ these kids.  

Hope the weekend is going well for everyone.  Another post to come but need to get baths ready & think of something for testimony tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Finally gorgeous weather here.  For all you people snowed in, Monday is supposed to be 69 here I think & next Thursday or Friday, 75.  Umm, we'll take that over snow any day! 

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