Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yesterday & Food Inc. & adoption

Yesterday was a day off school.  I had all these plans of stuff we could get done.  Umm, no go.  We all stayed in our pj's all day after having pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Ended up watching Inner Space on Netflix.  My kids love that movie for whatever reason, I don't know.  We did get laundry done so I guess that could be considered an accomplishment.  Warren worked from home yesterday.  He has to wear headphones in order to work from home.  Crazy, huh?  I was not happy w/ my kids yesterday.  I'll be honest.  I'd like to say everyone did their chores, offered to help out and was just sweet.  But,that would be a lie.  It was a constant battle w/ chores, cleaning, homework and kindness yesterday.  It was awful.  Constant bickering.  URGHH!!!  Each had to find something about the other that they didn't like.  didn't matter who it was.  Max got his tv taken away.  Most got sent to rooms at some point during the day.  Just was not a pretty seen here.  Warren said he should have taken his chances on the ice b/c even an embankment accident would have been better than here.  He was kidding. He's been in a horrible car crash before and knows what it's like.  But, that is how bad itwas here.  You were wishing you weren't here.  Happens sometimes but I had really envisioned a calm day.  Ha!  Not here.  Oh well.  Maybe next ice day. 

We have a bunch I'm catching up on today.  "Littles" aren't here today.  I'm doing this and then catching up on all my emails.  Slowly getting back to people.  Also, working on the next adoption fundraiser.  We have to get serious about fundraising as the reality of costs is becoming apparent.  Apparent that we don't have enough.  We borrowed from retirement, I took on a full time babysitting job and we have  been strict w/ our money.  Net flix was our recent "splurge" at $8 a month.  No going out unless we have a gift cert or it's free or practically free.  Trying to save every penny for this adoption that has been ever changing.  Not knowing exactly how much we needed.  And that is a whole other post.  Most I am still not at liberty to say.  I do promise one day to explain it all.  But, first and foremost we must get on this first trip to go meet the kids.  We got our fingerprint appt. for Irina.  Going early next week to sit & wait & hope we'll get seen early.  It's a crap shoot but hey, we'll try anything.  Once approved, travel is pretty quick from what our agency is saying.  Remember, our dossier was all in but the I-800A.  That was supposed to be approved back in October but we've had delays due to Irina being considered an extra adult living in our home.  Fine.  Now, this is the last part of the delays...getting her printed & us approved.  All that being said, money is coming due.  Thousands of dollars and then airfare.  I'll be calculating just how much we'll need.  My off handed guess is around another $15K.  Out of all our adoptions, this is really the only one we've had to fundraise for.  It's different for us.  All other times, borrowing from retirement or home equity line is how we did it.  part of our  money we borrowed this go around has gone to some major house repairs needed:  Rotted windows that were going into the structural part...$2500.  Rotted door frame....$600.  Septic issues....$500.  Readoption for Irina to assure no SSI issues later....$1200.  Insurance for Nik's implants...$400(I think).  I don't count car repairs as those are expected in any family any time.  We took that $5200 out of the adoption money b/c we really had no choice.  Figuring, we could make it up later.  Now's the time to make it up.  We're going to be doing a fundraiser soon starting next week hopefully.  Magazine fundraiser I'll get moving along w/ again.  Also, going to get that donation sidebar fixed back up.  Also, may try that coffee thing,not sure.  Trying to get creative for around here though locally.  I know Applebee's does fundraisers and we have one right up the street.  May try that one.  Going through ideas.  I like the idea of a chocolate extravaganza held at a big location like a church.  Everyone bakes chocolates, sweets and such and you sell them.  This may be a great idea for Valentine's Day.  Thinking, just thinking today.  More to come of fundraising later this week. 

Okay, Warren and I picked some things off Netflix.  Picked something called Food, Inc. as we thought it just would be something stupid to watch.  Or, at least I did.  This was the most eye-opening movie I've ever watched.  Warren has been telling me this for years and I really haven't paid him much attention.  This is a documentary.  Something I typically hate.  It was really worth watching.  It tracks where your food comes from in the grocery store.  It was eye opening.  Really was.  It has totally totally changed the way we view our food.  Once all the food is finished in our fridges/ freezers, we are changing how we eat.  It's worth the money to change it.   The kids watched this (to my amazement, it actually kept their attention) too.  NONE want fast food any more.  NONE.  You know, any time we ate fast food, we tended to get sick or not feel well afterward.   I know we don't eat fast food often and that some times you just feel "stuck" to, but we do not want to do this any more.  I already have a cooler full of snacks in the van if we ever get "stuck" hungry in the car.  Problem solved. 

It was SO very difficult for any of us to eat the hamburgers Warren made last night after watching that documentary.  70% of the meat you eat has ammonia filler.  YUCK!  We told the kids that is like eating hamburger & spraying it w/ Windex.  By now, it is most likely 100% in the meat you eat as this movie was made years ago.  We had looked into grass fed beef years ago.  We're seriously looking into it again and going that route.  The costs are nothing compared to your health.  Plus, I'm great at budgeting so budgeting some other things out, we can fit this vital thing in.  yes, we'll still eat meat but going to be a little different.  Already found local places here that have grass fed beef and such.  We already get fruits and veggies from local farmers.  Though I know some of those are shipped in too.  We like knowing where our food comes from.  We already really don't buy a whole lot of processed food anyhow.  No boxed mixes except for stove top stuffing.  (I hate making stuffing so I cheat)  Our baked goods are homemade, pancakes usually are though I do have a box of bisquick to finish.  We prefer making it from scratch and frankly, it doesn't take that much longer than an already prepared meal that is full of preservatives.  We only have soda on birthdays or special occasions.  Same rule w/ chips.  This movie really got all of us thinking though.  Still, not wanting to waste all the money of all the food that was just purchased, we will finish off what we have.  Watch this and you truly will not look at food the same way ever again.  I am shocked at what I had heard.  Warren had been hearing it for years on some of the sites he's on.  He reads Mother Earth News and they've had various articles as well I'm sure.  Anyhow, the movie was definitely thought provoking & as if we didn't have enough to think about here at Chaos Manor, well, we've added something else. 

Now, we do use natural products for things like laundry and dishwashing detergent.  Also in some conditioners and soaps we buy.  I have found the extra dollar or two spent to be well worth it.  Since buying natural lip balm, none of my kids get the chapped lips even during this cold season.  None of us have issues w/ clothes any more either.  I have two w/ eczema, one pretty rough in winter time, so this was a big concern before.  I didn't want to do it but said I'll try it.  I do know years ago our grandparents didn't use green or red toothpaste.  Many parents of FAS children I know also do a little more of the natural thing w/ products.  Some do extreme diets as well.   We do notice a big difference in Alex if he has sugar.  Same with Alyona.  They are M-E-A-N.  Plain and simple.  Anyhow, I'm getting totally side tracked on this post.  All over the map. Sorry.  Wanted to tell you about a contest that I entered.  See, we shop at Goat Milk Stuff online.  Love their products & never had an issue w/ any of them.  BTW, their laundry stick is $5.  Looks like a stick of butter but thought it worth trying.  It got out stains on my shades in the dining room that were literally years old.  I was stunned.  So far, it has gotten out any stain we've used it on.  The kids call it the magic stain stick.  LOL.  It's true though.  I know these products costs a little more than going to Wally World but for us, it's been worth it.  Bought the stain stick last year for $5.  Still have it & still a ton left.  I would have spent double that on shout by now at Walmart.  The soap I buy for me.  The kids tend to leave the soap in the tub and waste it.  We have used the laundry detergent all these months.  Seems expensive but we only use a tablespoon each time so it ends up being just a hair more than the ones we buy at Sam's.  Plus, w/the measuring tablespoon in there, the girls don't mess it up.  With the detergents (liquid) my older girls would pour too much each & every time.  Drove me nuts.  so for us, less waste.  I don't get compensated or anything like that.  I just like sharing when I find something that works that may work for someone else as well.  That & they're having a contest.  You can win $50 worth of product.  I think you have to like the facebook page.  Their main website is  There is a contest page that explains how to enter on Facebook & their websites.  thought I'd pass along a chance at winning some good stuff.  Hope you don't mind.  This is already very long-winded.  Have to get some more pictures up later to break up the words.  Hope the day is sunny for you all w/ no snow. 


  1. Just another fundrasier idea. Chick fila does a fundrasier too, well some do. I know the one is holly springs does. They do it on Tuesday nights and call them Spirit nights. Get on the calendar early. Anyone who comes on the Tuesday you are assigned and tells them they are here for you, you get a percentage of the profits. Just another idea that is free for you, but could bring in some money.

  2. Thanks for the laundry stick heads up!! I usually end up using fabric paint and drawing flowers on the girls clothes stains! LOL! But what do you do for the boys? and me? :o)