Sunday, January 2, 2011

We may have issues

Umm, I think we may have some issues.  Nik comes laughing to me & hands me this :

This is Nik kicking me off a building.  I know the flash kind of ruined it but you get the idea.  I am landing in water w/ a shark waiting to eat me.  Nice kid.  He was laughing the whole time.  Then he wanted me to draw him in various ways.  He also drew me on fire.  Ahh, my nice break of the sweet drawings is now over I believe.  He is back to Nik's old drawings. Lovely.  I'll post more when they become available.  Trust me, he's on a roll lately.  I'm telling you, either a future Stephen King or a therapy patient.  

More to come tomorrow.  Just have a pile of stuff to do. School starts tomorrow so we have much to do for that.  Enjoy your week everyone. 

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