Saturday, January 1, 2011

Uncle Chris & Aunt Mindy's present

Still trying to catch up on all the past Christmas posts and such.  I'm too far behind.  Eventually, I'll get caught up.  Right now I have a turkey, stuffing cooking in the oven.  Smells wonderful in here.  We are actually staying home all day today and taking down Christmas decorations and getting more organized.  Love it. 

My brother Chris & his wife Mindy live in MD.  They have two kids, ages 1 & 2.  They sent a present down w/ my parents but told us not to open until Christmas time.  Well, he called one Monday & said you'll want to open it now as you may be able to use it tonight.  The older kids figured that one out right away.  Any guesses?

All the kids just dying to know what is inside this big box from Uncle Chris & Aunt Mindy that has been taunting them for the past few weeks.  It's funny b/c they've all been trying to guess what it was.  

Looks were priceless when they finally discovered it was a telescope.  My kids love looking up at the sky.  We used to have a telescope but it was broken.  So this was the perfect present for sure.  We opened it early b/c of the lunar eclipse.  Unfortunately, none of us stayed up late enough to see it.

Though they missed the lunar eclipse, my kids have been out almost every single night since looking at things.  They ran in the one day and said "mom, we can even see the craters on the moon!!"  This telescope will have many great more years of use to come.  Thanks Uncle Chris & Aunt Mindy. 

They also got us this great gift.  I LOVE it & can't wait to fill it up.  You put the tree in the stand & then hang pictures from it.  The things on the left are all the picture frames.  He bought 14 of them.  Perfect.  They'll be 12 of us & then the 2 dogs.  Perfect.  Our project one weekend in February is to fill this up w/ pictures.  I'll take a picture of it once it's done.  I had just not seen one like this before so it was a really neat surprise.

I have more Christmas & other events to catch up on.  Alyona is spending the night at a friend's this evening and then one of the girls' friends is coming over here to spend the night.  This is the first day in about a week that we haven't had to go somewhere.  Nice to take down decorations and get things in somewhat of an order.  Was hoping to get the boys to patch some holes today but that will have to be tomorrow.  Bummer.  Selling some stuff online to clear the clutter & also get some funds in our pockets.  More info on Monday's manic Monday post.  For now, just want to do some catch up posts from Christmas. Next will be Christmas at my in-laws and then more snow storm pictures.  Got to go.  Trying to beat the rain.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

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