Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two with the flu!!!

That time of year.  Bojan and Alyona just tested positive for flu.  They were just given their first dose of Tamiflu.  That stuff is expensive!  First time we've ever gotten it.  Last year, only Alex got the flu.  Years before that, no one.  None of us have ever gotten the flu shot but me.  However, I am allergic to eggs.  Horrible, horrible reaction and couldn't use my arm for 6 months as well.  With our kids having had so many vaccines in the past between Russia & the U.S., we have never gotten them a flu shot.  That may change this coming year.  Who knows.  Right now, trying to keep everyone comfortable, fevers down and hydrated.  I will say my throat hurts but hoping it is just some sinus stuff.  BTW, the doc said this flu is lasting around 12 days.  Lovely.  Pray for no more illness here.  Bojan was looking forward to getting his new leg Thursday.  If he stillhas a fever, he can't go.  His fever is 103.  Alyona's is 104.  Thank goodness for those snuggies!  Gave them all noodle soup today & kept them drinking.  Honestly, never ever thought it was the flu or I would have never had the "littles" here today.  Usually, I can spot these things & dx quickly.  I was really surprised when Warren called & told me.  Ironically, Warren took off Thursday & Friday.  He's hoping no one else gets sick or him either.  Vacation days being sick would not be fun.  He plans on doing quite a bit of work around the house. 

Onto some other brief things.  The increase in healthcare costs has become a reality for us now.  Tonight's little flu episode was $85 between medicine and visits.  Would NOT have cost us that much last year.  Ahh, more budgeting.  Hey, keeps me on my toes.  I'm just relieved we have a place where we can get treated and be on our way.  They were gone about an hour & a half for 2 to be seen & get medicine.  To me, that is not bad at all.  with no appointment.  Enough about all that.  Just was curious if anyone else's healthcare coverage has changed since the new laws and such. 

Fundraiser is in high gear.  Please, please if you can help spread the word.  With some unexpected delays today, I am trying to get back to everyone.  Will do some more after this post.  Very excited about it all.  I love these towels and do hope more kids get to enjoy them as well. 

Max finished the fence today.  that's the good news.  Bad news...Alaska can get out.  Kota can't.  She can.  She takes a running leap to the old fence and wiggles her way through it.  Honestly, it's neat to watch & should catch it on video as we may win an AFV for this one.  seriously.  Can't believe she fits through those holes & I will take a picture of it tomorrow.  If I remember.  Trying to find a solution as we truly can't afford to buy any more fencing.  So ideas, shoot them our way.  It's only the old fence she can get through. 

I didn't even do homework tonight.  Really, never crossed my mind.  Teachers must think I'm lazy at times.  Funny, b/c I did school with the "littles" today.  Haven't gone to get Max or Irina their permits yet.  Hoping to this week.  We'll see how the flu progresses.  Don't know what I'm doing w/ dentist appointments tomorrow.  This is just insane.  Don't want to expose anyone to this mess. 

Can't find my workout dvd today.  So, all I did so far this evening was weight lift, stretch, run the stairs.  Doing yoga after this.  No cardio tonight & I really hate that.  We did find Nik's implant that he magically lost downstairs tonight though.  Under the tv stand.  I was looking for my dvd at the time.  Reason for everything. 

Oh, got the electric bill & am still recovering from almost passing out.  LOL.  Everyone locally is complaining big time.  Biggest bill EVER.  My poor speech therapist has a little smaller house than us and her bill was a couple hundred more than ours!  Locally, many folks are discussing this topic.  We're all used to high summer bills, NOT winter.  No more snow thank you very much.  Time for spring & opening of the windows. 

Okay, too much to do to be on here.  Quite the bits & pieces post.  Dentist appointments tomorrow, 2 doc appts. on Thursday, an IEP meeting on Friday & countless stuff in between.  Can the flu hit us another time...please?  Not the best timing.  But hey, it never is.  Hope all your homes are free of illness.  Please help me spread the word about our towel fundraiser.  It really will make a difference in three lives.  Well, really 12 lives.  More to come in the next few days but want you all to know if I'm not as prompt writing back or writing a post.  Kids come first. 


  1. I am so sorry to hear about this, Stephanie. I know it must be overwhelming. Do you give your kids vitamins? If not, you should, especially get extra Vitamin C and give everyone 500-1000 mg. a day, when there is danger of flu around. The C really boosts the immune system and you can take 1,000 mg a day with no ill effects - I know, I've done it. Hang in there!

  2. Can you get chicken wire to line the bottom of your fence with? that should stop the puppy from escaping.

  3. Sorry :( Small blessing...get flu over now before adoption travel happens, right? Hope it all passes quickly. God bless, Jennifer