Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

thought it was high time we did a Thoughtful Thursday post.  I do these to remind myself that I do have sweet kids.  It is very easy to forget that when you deal with the amount of FAS and RAD that we do on a daily basis.  Behavioral and mental health issues are rather tough at times.  Yet, there are many, many thoughtful things my kids do & this helps remind me of that.  So, let me get started.

I thought this was VERY thoughtful of Irina and Yana.  My neighbor & I have a birthday a day apart.  So, their daughter came to my house & my girls helped her make a homemade pumpkin pie. 

I thought it turned out gorgeous.  They made the crust homemade even!  Found it out of my Southern Living Cookbook.  I was proud for them helping their friend and working together to do something nice for someone.  I thought that was just really sweet of both Irina and Yana.

May decided to help Warren put up the fence.  Max did almost the entire thing while Warren was at work.  Max wanted to help out his dad and I thought that was very thoughtful of him.  

Well, that took care of the teens a bit.  I guess I'll start on the younger kids and see what I can think of in the past week.  We'll start with Bojan.  Bojan was sick so he didn't have too many opportunities to do much.  However, he was well enough to even help out Nik with homework.  Despite not feeling well, Bojan was thoughtful enough to think of his brother needing help.  Bojan also offered many times to help me cook but I gladly declined help from a kid w/ the flu.  LOL.  

Then we have Alyona who was also sick w/the flu last week.  But, once she was better, she too had her moments of being thoughtful.  She cleaned up her whole area even though she didn't make the mess.  The "littles" did it & Alyona didn't complain...not this time anyhow.  Thought it thoughtful of her to pick up someone else's mess w/ out being told.

Ahh, another one of my sous chefs.  Nik also likes to help in the kitchen and it was quite thoughtful of him to help me that day.  Nik has also been very sweet to the puppies lately which is wonderful.  He does have his moments.

We then have Alex who has had a rather rough week and another RAD cycle.  However, he did indeed step up and help out his younger brother when getting ready for school.  He said "I can help Nik mom, while you get the lunches."  It was a morning we were running behind.  Okay, so that is pretty much every morning but it was really behind that day. 

I truly believe there is good in every kid.  You have to look each day.  You'll find those little things are actually quite thoughtful things.  Have a wonderful day & write more later.  fundraiser post coming up next.  Please spread the word if you haven't.  We must get these kids home. 

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  1. I find it of great interest when you share your parenting strategies relative to RAD and how the various children are impacted by it...this post and the one previous especially. Looking forward to what you will be posting about RAD soon. Blessings, Jennifer