Saturday, January 29, 2011

Strep it is

Confirmed strep for Alyona.  Poor kid just finished getting over the flu last week and now this.  She had one good week.  Part of it is her and we know that.  We try to teach her personal space.  She has a real problem w/ this & wanting to touch everyone.  Doesn't help during cold & flu season.  All of them in her class do the same thing just about.  So, another 10 day course of antibiotics for her.  Hoping she'll be better soon and fast.  As you can guess, that hike today & clean up at the church did not happen.  It has been a doc visit instead.  Oh well.  That's life.  You roll with the punches. 

Okay, I have to write this before I forget b/c I can't believe what I just heard from my 18yo.  Irina said Bojan is taking pliers and pulling my hair out for DNA.  They love to play pretend but seriously, that is too far.  Told them no more CSI. 

We have stayed at home all day today.  Not bad to do that every once in awhile I guess.  Even had some of the windows open for some fresh air.  Felt wonderful.  Walked the neighborhood w/ the pups.  Just nice outside.  Kids helped me clean up the front yard and porch.  Getting spring fever a bit I think.  Some of the crocuses are even starting to come up.  Color coming soon.  Max & Warren started to build the bike rack.  Okay, the other day Warren asked Max if he could cut the wood 30".  Max said yes.  Warren went to measure today & almost all are a different size.  When telling Max, he tried to blame it on the people who cut the wood at the factory. Kid you not.  Then, tried to blame anyone standing around him.  Ahh, the male ego in him.  Max finally went on to do another task instead.  We had one shrub w/ Christmas lights still on them.  Crazy, huh?  Tomorrow, since Alyona is still contagious & not sure if Alex is coming down w/ something or just tired, we're not attending church.  Think the older kids and I will rake up some old leaves around the front and just do a little more clean up. Bike rack will get done which will be nice. 

Lots to think about lately.  More to come.  Just kids are chatty and really driving us crazy tonight.  Ever have one of those days?  Need to get Bojan shoes tomorrow as his shoes are way too small now that he got an adult foot on his new leg.  I have to download some more pictures soon.  I'm a little slow this week b/c it truly has been packed full of some new issues that need resolving and some that have recently come to light such as the seriousness of Alyona's eye issues.  How will she learn academically?  She is a very visual learner as are all my FASers.  Need to go.  Redoing some of the things I do w/ my preschoolers.  In addition, Irina now wants to be homeschooled.  She is too indecisive and right now, I told her no, give things a shot b/c just a few short days ago, she was gung ho to stay at school.  Again, another big decision Warren and I are trying to make.  I know next year we will be definitely homeschooling a few of them.  However, I really did want to wait till the fall to be better prepared.  I really wanted them in school when we travel out of the country.  It would be a definite distraction.  Remember, many of ours have a traumatic past and this does cause issues when we leave them.  Though at the same time, it is good for them to be left & know mom & dad will return.  Plus, was told last time they did fantastic while we were gone!

I have a lot of random thoughts tonight, don't I?  Happens.  Need to get a RAD post in at some point soon. 

Oh, thanks so much to all those who emailed me about the raw potatoes.  I really didn't know they could hurt dogs.  Mainly, b/c Aspen & Bear used to play w/ them all the time. However, they were bigger than the puppies so maybe that made a difference?  Not sure but we've since moved the potatoes for the pups sake.  An additional thanks for the hints on the LLBean backpacks.  I had thought about buying them years ago but figured I couldn't afford it.  Now, those things would have paid for themselves by now.  May have to do that this year for sure.  Relatives ask what they want, that would be a wise suggestion I think.  I do appreciate when I get ideas, comments, suggestions.  It definitely helps.  And when you're a mother to 7, sometimes you can use all the help you can get.  LOL.  Have a wonderful weekend.

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