Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowstorm 2010-- play day! (part III)

Nik looks so grown up in this picture.  My baby boy is growing up too fast for my tastes.  No gloves.  Definitely born in Russia.  Loves the snow.  

Alex, at the end of one of his sled runs.  Kid cracks me up b/c he tries so hard to fall into the creek.  We have a drop off on the side of our yard.  Boys.

Max realizing that mom saying you should wear gloves may not have been a bad idea after all.  

Doesn't even look like NC, does it?  Amazing how much snow we got.  More amazing is we might get more snow this week as well!  Can't wait.  I do love it.  Hot cocoa, sledding, relaxing, watching movies after snowball fights, etc.

Nik just loves being outdoors.  All my kids do really.  I'm very thankful for that.  Sun shining down on the snow while you sled.  Really, what could be better?  Beautiful blue skies to boot.  Happy times for sure.

Alyona sledding down.  Notice how our yard is shaded?  perfect for sledding as the ice/ snow stay put for a bit longer than most yards.  We do have the perfect yard for this for sure.  One day I'll have to make a video of them sledding.  It's great.  

Sun shining through the trees and starting to melt the snow.  I think those who don't get snow so often really tend to appreciate it more.  Simply b/c we don't have to deal w/ it long is part of it.  Things shut down, people relax, neighbors come by & say hello, kids hang out and drink hot cocoa, etc.  Simplistic for sure but most enjoyable by a state filled w/ beach bums.  Anyone ever been to one of those beach music festivals??  

More Christmas pictures to come as well as Irina's 18th birthday w/ us.  Puppies are doing great but this past week have been trying us too.  They seemed to be potty trained and then these past few days have decided to pee on everything.  Including our bed as we're going to sleep!  Mind you, we have ONE, count them, ONE pair of king-sized sheets.  Was interesting that evening for sure w/ no sheets & a way too small comforter.  It was Alaska who did it which shocked me even more.  Kota, not to be out done, decides to pee all over his dog bed. Lovely.  Don't know what got into them.  Hoping for a turn around.  Need to get to sleep.  Stay tuned for more happenings at Chaos Manor. 

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