Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slimey, smokin', and stinky

thought it was time for a few "interesting (or boring depending on how you look at it)" pictures. 

Now, this slimely, little lizard may seem harmless but think again.  I happen to be on the phone w/ an immigration officer inquiring about fingerprints, when for some reason, I look up at the ceiling.  I see this thing & first gut reaction is to scream...into....the phone.  Immigration lady was none to happy with me at that point.  Later peeled the lizard off the wall and gave Nik a few words.  

Should have taken this shot a little later when he was more red.  His face was smokin'!  Yes, another stupid dare amongst my boys.  Ordered pizza for Bojan's birthday.  Comes w/ hot peppers on the side.  They dared each other to eat 4 of them and NOT take a drink or anything afterwards and see who could last.  Bojan's eyes are starting to get red from the heat here.  It is kind of funny to watch them follow through w/ their stupid dares.  It's usually Max & Bojan as Alex tends to chicken out.  Entertainment if nothing else.

Okay, so today we were cleaning the house.  We went into the boys' room (Alex & Nik) and it was beyond stinky.  Just one of those places you wanted to hold your nose shut.  Thought there had to be some sort of rotten food under the bed or something.  Made everyone go on the hunt for the smell.  Until I turned & looked at their dresser.  This poor creature(you can barely see him) was still alive!  I had forgotten they had a fish & evidence proves so did they.  Not sure when the last time he got fed was.  Wish I had taken the after.  They are not ready for their own pet.  Yana now has a clean fish bowl w/ this fish in her room.  I was not proud of the boys.  Who does this kind of stuff??  

Today the original plans were to go to museums and out to lunch.  However, Warren is stuck at work this weekend for an outage weekend.  I thought it was next weekend.  So, we'll just go to museums and out to lunch next weekend.  No big deal.  Just was looking forward to it.  We cleaned the house.  Hurry, b/c if you blink you'll miss it.  Gets cluttered back up that fast.  AFter cleaning up, we all watched G-force.  Thought it would be a stupid movie since it was after all about secret agent spy guinea pigs but it actually kept their attention and mine.  LOL.  Kids now have people over.  Girls are baking a cake for my neighbor.  Well, neighbor & me though they're trying to keep it a secret.  My b-day is tomorrow & they're being nice.  Still funny.  They asked me how to make homemade pie crust.  I'm almost afraid to try whatever they create b/c I can hear them downstairs thinking they can substitute stuff.  Should be an interesting pie for sure.  My neighbor's b-day is today & mine is tomorrow.  I think the girls & their friend are trying to make us both one.  I think I'll give mine to her after listening to the chefs in there.  I will take pictures.  Warren is still at work and it's 2:38.  Got to love it.  Tomorrow we have church and then the rest of the day to get stuff done.  Monday puppies have a vet appt.  Kids are off school so I'll take one or two w/ me to help w/ puppies.  

Okay, girls were laughing, I went downstairs & Kota was licking flour.  Had it all over his face.  Poor dog.  Poor kitchen.  Not sure I want this pie.  May have to say a prayer before digesting it.  Got to go.  Not sure they know quite how to read the recipes and convert some measurements.  Maybe I should have just videotaped them.  Bye for now.  More to come I'm sure. 

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