Friday, January 28, 2011

Random pictures

Thought it was time for some random pictures off the files.  So, here goes.

Nik has become so proud of himself that he can do a handstand now.  His next trick has been trying to hop up on his feet from a laying down position w/ his leg bent.  Looks like he's going to crack his head open w/ that one.  And no, I don't think any of my kids ever have a matching set of pajamas.  I gave up on that one long ago.

Just thought this was too cute.  Kota sleeps w/ his tongue out.  And boy, those paws are getting huge!  Notice we tend to have darker furniture & blankets?  That is for obvious reasons in this house.  11 kids running around & two puppies equals dirt.

Nik thought he'd be cute and make a necklace out of his implants.  We were not happy.  We tell him all the time they are not toys but explaining that to an 8yo is not always that easy.  The other day, he completely twisted his coils all up.  They are totally messed up but still work.  I hate having kids w/ such expensive equipment on them.  

Alex is another one of ours that loves to swing.  This swingset has been with us for over 10 years.  Warren made it.  We moved it from the other house.  Gives him a chance to wind down sometimes.  FAS kids need lots & lots & lots of physical activity.  We've often said a giant hamster wheel would be awesome at this house.  They seem to have endless energy for sure.

Alex just sat here for the longest time like this.  I don't know what he was thinking but sure would have loved to have known.  It was one of those moments w/ him though that I didn't think I should ask.  Alex has a very, very traumatic past and well, many things go through his head I'm sure.  For all I know this time he could have just been staring at the dirt on the side of the pool.  who knows.  For Alex, we give him space sometimes.  With RAD & FAS kids you just need to know when it is.

More posts to come.  Easter gift ideas and RAD.  Alyona had the flu week before last.  She has a fever and feels bad again tonight.  No, not the flu again but not sure what's up with her.  I'll let you know how she is.  Got to go.  Warren is making homemade milkshakes this evening...yum! 

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