Monday, January 24, 2011

Puppy updates & pictures

thought it was time for a puppy update.  And pictures of course.  Alaska and Kota are doing fantastic!  Kota is still fiesty and full of life.  He loves to play and is all puppy.  Alaska is still our sweetheart.  She is like holding a rag doll.  Both can be left for a few hours in the house.  We come home and no messes whatsoever.  They are trained now which is awesome.  No accidents in the house for awhile.  They can both sit.  Still working on come & stay.  It's a joke at this point.  LOL.  Working on it.  Very sweet pups that play hard. 

Aren't they just too cute for words???  They chew their chewies.  Thankfully, most other stuff they leave alone.  They love coming in the bathroom when we're in the shower.  Drives me nuts b/c they stand outside the bathroom door barking like crazy for you to let them in.  If you do, they want to lick the inside of the shower.  Drives everyone crazy in the house.  Funny, but nuts.  The puppies both LOVE potatoes.  I have bags of potatoes by the bookcase.  The puppies go over, help themselves and chew on potatoes.  

Puppies are both fenced in now which is wonderful.  Alaska is now too big to escape.  Wahoo!!!  Both have grown immensely.  Both get surgery next week for spay & neutering.  AFter that, they're set for a long time for vet visits.  We absolutely LOVE these dogs to pieces.  Oh, Alaska loves to get on the bed first thing in the morning & lay between Warren & I.  This would be okay if it weren't for her waking us up each & every time.  LOL.  

This is Kota about to go to sleep on his favorite spot... the staircase.  He likes to sleep there and on the recliner.  Just look at the size of those paws!  This is going to be one huge dog I believe.

Another one of Alaska.  They really & truly are members of this family.  They have already played a key role in healing.  We cherish everyday with our puppies and love them being a part of this family.  Small puppies no more.  Alaska is now 22 lbs. and Kota is 27 lbs.  

I'll sporadically update on our puppies.  For they are part of this family.  Helping our kids heal for sure.  Today, all kids & pups were up on the playground, together.  Having fun, enjoying life.  Love it.


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I love reading your blogs and I think you are an awesome mom.
    I am an adult CI user and a dog owner. Your puppies are adorable!
    If you don't mind me saying this, I thought raw Potatoes are bad for dogs so I thought you might want to get this checked out. I have a dog and he loves vegetables (any kind) I had to put the vegs up high otherwise he would eat it all! My dog, Boris, loves licking the water off the shower tray too! something do with the taste of soap! if I got him out of bathroom quick enough he would lick it off my feet or the floor.

    Anyway, keep strong.