Monday, January 31, 2011

Puppy pics & a present

Too many wordy posts.  Nothing like breaking it up w/ cute puppy pictures.

This is Kota.  Where in the world did my puppy go???  He is getting big.  The paws on this dog are huge.  He's only 4 months old but boy oh boy did he grow.  He's starting to loose teeth & get some adult dog fur even.  Isn't he just a really cute dog??  We love him to pieces.

This is our princess Alaska.  She's the epitome of sweetness.  Only issues we have w/ her... a big time digger & escapee.  Yep, she loves to dig out of the fence.  Also, as soon as she sees an opportunity, she bolts.  This is a runner for sure.  No doubt now she's part Austrialian Shepard.  LOL.  Alaska is really a cutie.  Enjoys the family very much and loves to lay on her back.  

Kota & Alaska constantly putting up with antics the kids are doing to them.  Both puppies are doing very well.  Go for surgery on Friday.  Yikes!  They are working on the command come.  Love our puppies for sure.  

The other day my sister in-law came and gave me a birthday present.  She said now that you'll have 3 more kids, you need a bigger bag.  LOL.  She also gave me a nice decorative candle.  Very sweet of her to think of me on my birthday.  Thanks a bunch Lisa. 

Another post this evening.  The other week I think I did 4 or 5 posts in a day.  Definitely not doing that this week.  My week is packed again.  Once Wednesday is passed, I will feel a bit better.  A little worried about Alyona & Nik's opthalmology appointment.  Keep you posted.  Irina wants to be homeschooled again.  I am behind on just about everything you can think of around here.  Ready to kick it into gear this week but have no motivation whatsoever.  I know, pitiful.  I'll get there sooner or later. 

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