Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Puppies in pictures

Well, thought it was high time I put some cute puppy pictures up.  Dogs are only puppies once so limited time to snap cute shots of them.  I'm trying over the next week to take a ton pictures of them.  There is a local contest for cute dog pictures.  It starts January 17th to submit pictures to a local paper.  So, looking for one where the pups are actually looking at the camera.  LOL.  Hard to do as usually, we're chasing them.  Anyhow, thought I'd share a few shots from the past month.

This is Alaska enjoying one of her chewies.  Caught a bunch at the after Christmas clearances.  They'll have green & red chewies throughout the year.  Out of the two pups, Alaska is surprisingly the chewer.  

Kota and Alaska love to lay on top of the vent in the kitchen.  They know where it's warm in the house.  

I turned the corner and this is what I saw.  This is the last time I've seen him on the coffee table.  I'm telling you, this dog is going to be a horse.  We call him "King Kota" for a reason.  

I now can no longer keep my potatoes on the ground in a bag or box.  These puppies love potatoes.  That's what Kota has in her mouth.  They love this and also love to chase ice cubes all over the house.  Especially, Alaska.  She stands in front of the refrigerator and barks so we'll push the buttons to have icecubes fall on the floor.  

Two very sleepy puppies.  They love to sleep on the stairs.  Won't move for anything.  Well, maybe for the sound of a cheese wrapper.  Look at the size of Kota's paws.  That dog is going to be huge.  We have a feeling he's going to be around 80/ 90 lbs.  Seems to be growing the rate Bear did and is very solid.  Alaska is much lighter and much smaller paws.  Kind of hoping she stays that way.  She is just a doll.  We couldn't love these puppies any more.  they have added such joy and comfort to this family.  Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures as much as I did.

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  1. They are SOOOO cute!!! Glad to hear that they are helping to ease the pain that losing Bear has caused - puppies are such heart warmers!