Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poo, patience & people

My oh my is all I can say over the last few days here.  Chaotic is an understatement.  Shoot, just today I have a butcher knife in my hand screaming down the hall at Nik making sure he doesn't use the bathroom.  Why?  Because, as disgusting as this is, the toilet is full of poo.  Now, I thought could have been just the boys & Max could plunge it & fine.  Umm, no.  Went outside....s-e-p-t-i-c system smell.  For those who don't have one, that is NOT a good sign.  We have an alarm for it & it has not gone off so hopefully not a malfunction but just a good cleaning needed.  We try to get it cleaned every 2 years.  Apparently, I forgot to do it last year.  Normal size families get this done every three to 5 years.  Us, every two.  Back to the knife.  Was cutting roast beef up at the time for dinner tonight & speech therapist was here.  Nik goes to go to the bathroom & I try to catch him before we have to mop an entire house.  I think I scared him.  LOL.  He's fine, just at the moment he's not expecting to see mom chasing him w/ a knife screaming not to use the bathroom. 

All this was going on & 2 of the 4 littles were still here, speech therapist, and maybe someone else but can't remember.  I was on the phone to septic guy.  Earliest they can come is tomorrow evening.  Fine.  We've told all kids NO baths, NO dishwasher, NO laundry, etc.  NO running water kids.  Pretend you are camping & if you don't follow these instructions thoroughly, you may end up going in the woods.  LOL.  For now, one working toilet & hope that will remain for the next day.  Keeping fingers crossed this can be fixed.  Now, Max decided he should take a look at it & lifted the concrete cover that is never to be moved...URGHH!!  I was busy at the time and this is one of those lovely impulsive things that FASers do...explore it for themselves.  Got to love it when ten thousand other things are happening around you at the time. 

Patience.  I'm running out.  Seriously.  I want this adoption to move it.  We're at a stand still & now concerned b/c I still have NOT received Irina's finger print appointment card.  They did take my money though so maybe that's a good sign. If I don't have it by tomorrow, I will call.  

Okay, people have said they can not read the blog so I went ahead & changed it.  Got many emails on it & Warren didn't like it either.  I tried to be different & creative but didn't quite work out so well.  Still working on all my resolutions and organization is going well & staying good.  I even answered old email drafts.  Doing more this evening.  So who knows, if you wrote me months ago, I may actually get back to you, guilt and all.  LOL.  I feel bad if I can't answer everyone.  But, as I've said before, kids & family come first.  I am definitely getting much better about responding than I did before though.  If I have not responded though, someone please feel free to yell at me to get my rear in gear. 

Kids are back into the routine of school.  Looks like it may snow a bit this week so we'll see if they get out of routine again.  Remember, even a dusting in a southern state tends to put things in a stand still.  I would love another big snow.  I really would.  It is fun to sled w/ the kids.  I will have more snow pics up soon.  Again, life snuck up on me as it does many in this world & I'm honestly just behind on things. 

Bojan & Warren's birthdays are tomorrow.  yep, same day.  I haven't made the cakes yet & not sure when I'll get to.  The plan was to go to story time tomorrow w/ the "littles," come home & make the cakes.  Well, since the whole house thing is a bit a mess w/ not being able to use water (well, just not a good idea right now), staying here w/ them is not the best idea.  So, story time and then out to lunch.  I'm sure I have kids eat free coupons for somewhere.  Irina is having someone spend the night Friday as well as Bojan.  IRina's friend had to cancel last weekend and she was in tears.  So, this weekend it is & hope nothing happens.  Bojan will have some friends over as well.  I think by the end of the weekend we'll be caked out. 

We have a bunch of things happening around here.  Lots of good things for sure.  Yana is testing boundries right now and we are really staying on top of it.  It's like tonight, she always tries to go in her room at bed time & then stay up well afterwards.  Umm, no.  Bed time is bed time & there is no piddling around and making excuses.  Must be the time of year b/c Alyona is also testing us lately w/ her attitude & stubborness.  She wrote Alex is stoopid all over his homework.  So, Alyona had to write stupid is as stupid does.  2 pages worth.  That way, by the end at least maybe she could spell stupid.  She pulled all her tricks.  The "I'm tired, I want to go to bed."  "I don't feel good."  You name it.  Yeh, doesn't work w/ us.  We know Alyona is extremely mentally challenged.  However, we also know what she is capable of & she is expected to hold up certain standards we set in this family.  Like we always tell our kids ... "you're no different than anybody else."  That's the bottom line. 

I know I've been slacking on the blog writing a bit but like I said,family first.  With 7 special need kids, a few testing boundries right now, it takes a bit more of my parenting time.  That & I'm working w/ Nik and friends issue.  He wants to call friends but school is not allowed to give their # & apparently not allowed to help Nik get their #'s.  URGHH!!!  They are willing to put a note in the folders though.  So, after this, I have to draft up a note somehow getting my point across for other kids not to be afraid to call Nik to play or come over.   Last year I just went to the cafeteria, sat w/ him & his friends & asked them to write their phone #'s down on my paper.  They did, we called & some of them played. 

So much else happening here.  It's like January hit & so did the to do list.  Getting it done though & have some things planned.  Trying to map out the next few months.  One thing I learned w/ adoption, don't put anything on hold b/c of it.  You can always rearrange your schedule.  Life goes on even as the adoptions are happening.  Just when you want to complete your family so bad & have your new children be a part of some of these events, it's hard.  I think about them.  Often.  I'm very ready to go to Bulgaria to meet my kids.  Still waiting on immigration.  I think if adoptive parents ran this process it would go much faster & smoother.  I think once you've been in the trenches of it, you understand it far more than sitting on the sidelines approving papers that have no meaning to you but mean the world to that adoptive parent. 

Okay, this is already too long.  Suffice it to say, we are really busy here, some of the kids are "testing" us right now, & the to do list is a mile long.   But, it's one step at a time.  It wouldn't be life if you didn't go through things from time to time.  Right now I'm excited trying to plan out some of our next couple of outings.  First priority is to get Irina's homeschool stuff set back up though.  Her job coach is really giving her a fit for leaving and it's causing Irina all kinds of stress.  I can't wait to help her get back to some semblance of normal soon.  Put it this way, since starting school, she has gained roughly 40 lbs.  Her thyroid is normal, it's been checked.  Doc said it is all stress, get her out.  That's what we're doing.  I figure if I'm getting healthy, I'll help her too.  I think once she is out of that environment, it will go very quickly for her.  Unlike me.  LOL.  More to come.  Great news is Max is turning around big time & can't wait to share.  FAS always has it's ups and downs.  Can't wait to share some of Max's ups lately.  For another day.  Have a wonderful week. 

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