Monday, January 24, 2011

Our past weekend

Well, we wanted to take it easy a bit since some were still recovering from the flu. 

This was Alyona last week.  A rarity to catch her eyes open.  Poor thing.  Yes, her new room is still not done.  Any volunteers to paint?  LOL.  Alyona recovered from the flu after a few days.  Her and Bojan both had it and were prescribed Tamiflu.  Both really turned a corner this past Thursday & Friday.  So, by Saturday Warren and I deemed it safe to go out w/ them. They were fever free & doc said it was fine.  

Warren and I went to the grocery store and then we went to the Eddie Bauer store here.  For those who don't know, we only live about 15 minutes from the huge outlet stores that everyone flocks to.  They have buses that go there.  We avoid peak season.  Well, I had a gift certificate (rewards thing) and wanted to use it before it expired.  Wanted to get a hat for our upcoming trip.  Living in the south, the only time I seem to buy winter wear is for our adoption trips.  LOL.  No hat.  Oh well.  However, picked up a few t-shirts.  When you can get great quality for only $3, you do it.  They have 70% off racks at the outlet store.  And that is 70% off the outlet price folks.  Great deals.  So, we used the cert to get a few shirts & back packs.  Well, we pretty much covered the back packs ourselves.  Warren and I no longer have back packs.  Mine lasted for every single one of our adoptions as did Warren's.  However, our kids go through back packs like water.  Just this semester, Max has gone through 3 back packs!  He's working on his fourth.  Same w/ Bojan.  We buy them on sale whenever we can or at yardsales or anywhere cheap.  That left Warren & I w/ none to take w/ us.  Got two new ones for us.  

Since our children took our back packs, this is what we got.  They fold up into little bags.  VERY lightweight so hoping they'll be okay.  We love Eddie Bauer for the quality.  And deals.  We still have the SAME duffle bags we had when we got married.  Over 13 years ago.  They've been on numerous trips, numerous kids & still have them.  Recently added to our duffle bags last year from Eddie Bauer.  $12.  Huge bag.  Same w/ the sleeping bags. N-I-C-E.  Each have one.  Again, Eddie Bauer.  $7 a piece on sale.  Had them for years.  Reason I share this is b/c I know some others of you are cost conscience.  We find what works.  If you go to outlet stores, off season w/ no tourons (tourist morons), then you really can swoop up deals.  Though we do get most our stuff from yardsales, craigslist, etc., we also find new items deeply discounted.  It helps immensely.

After the store, we got to cooking for the bonfire that we were going to.  Warren made chili and I made a red velvet cake.  Kids were SO excited to be going.  Remember, due to the flu, we missed our Marbles Museum outing.  Had an awesome time at the farm and the bonfire.  More about that in another post.  Great to be around friends and just relax.  And, that's what we did there.  After a full week of craziness, we had a pleasant evening Saturday night.  Woke up Sunday & went to church.  That, was NOT so pleasant.  More on that later too.  Oh, before we got there Saturday, Alex, Bojan had earned 15 minutes w/ us when we got to the farm.  Yana had earned herself 30 minutes.  She claims she did not bite Alyona on purpose.  No, what she claims is near impossible.  You know, Alyona's arm magically landed in Yana's mouth...NOT!  You'd think at 15yo, this would not be a problem.  URGHH.  Been a challenging Sunday, that's for sure.  I'll tell more about that later too.  We're in the midst of a nasty RAD cycle as I call them right now.  Both my RADishes are acting up and trying to get it all under control.  Takes time.  Our RADishes have done a lot of healing but that doesn't mean it's gone.  That's the frustrating thing about having a child with RAD.  I will catch you up on the RAD action as I think it is important to talk about it.  Many adoptive families seem to suffer in silence when their child has RAD.  I think if we all share just a bit, we can all feel a little more united in helping our children.  For those who don't know, RAD stands for reactive attachment disorder.  It is one of the more scary dx's in my opinion for adoptive families.  Anyhow, didn't mean to sidetrack.  

Enjoy your week.  More to come.

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  1. You should look in to getting a backpack from L.L.Bean. I got my first one in 3rd grade... it broke in 9th grade. I sent it in and got a new one for free (in a different color because they discontinued the first color) and something tore a small hole in my backpack just this year (3rd year of university)... sent it in and got a new backpack over the holiday season in about 2 weeks! Well worth the $35-40 upfront for my mother who has two backpack-loving daughters who use it for long trips, short trips, camping trips, grocery trips at university and every single day for school!