Saturday, January 8, 2011

Medical updates on kids

Thankfully, it's been quiet on the medical front for a bit.  But, I figured I'd do a quick update.  With adoption, many dx's are life long and those new to adoption need to realize that.  One day I may actually give all dx's and explain what each one means.  However, that is a post in & of itself.  For now, just give a run down of what is happening with them in their medical lives.  Again, thankfully it seems relatively quiet for right now.  At this moment in time.  As we all know, that can change in a heartbeat.

I'll start with the boys.

Max is extremely healthy and doing very well.  He just had his neurology checkup and FULL blood panel done.  Some of the antipsychotics my children are on are very potent drugs.  They get blood work drawn every few months to make sure that it is not affecting the liver nor cholesterol.  Last time, Max had borderline cholesterol issues.  This time, it's all back to normal which is great.  These meds are working for him and when you do a med change in this house it is beyond hard.  Bottom line though, Max is very healthy and meds are working.

Bojan is healthy & doing well too.  However, he has many more physical issues than most our kids.  Bojan just finished a surgery this fall for his clubfoot.  The original doctor he had for years never really quite got it right.  Remember, this is the same on that did Alyona's botched surgery job.  We switched to someone at Duke Orthopedics and got someone who finally really seems to know his stuff.  He was able to really fix up Bojan's leg this past fall.  Only thing left know is to internally rotate his left leg back into position.  As it sits now, his leg is completely out to the side.  We needed a break from surgery as did Bojan. This last surgery was rough,our house is not wheelchair accessible and Bojan is not a little boy to lift around any more.   So, next surgery we'll need to schedule but will most likely be around April time frame.  His prosthetic leg is beyond too small.  I mean really, really small that he can barely walk.  They are trying as fast as they can to make it but this takes time to get it right.  We were hoping for yesterday but they said another 2 weeks.  Bojan's eczema is pretty rough.  Gets this way in teh winter.  Kid is almost raw at times.  Mostly on his clubfoot & some patches on his face.  In winter, it sometimes will look as though you slapped him on the cheeks.  Lotions & ointments help but not all the way.  And of course getting a boy to remember to put that stuff on is another story.  Otherwise, he's good. 

Alex is yet another healthy boy we have.  Very physically fit for sure.  He is starting to show a little pudge  as Max did at this age.  Max slimmed out as I'm sure Alex will.  Trust me, it's not because they are sedentary.  LOL.  The meds & hormone changes is what you have to look out for.  His meds are working & recent bloodwork was perfect so he can remain on the same meds.  Always a great thing if they are working right.  Alex still gets overheated very easily but it's winter so we're fine.  Some FAS children do have temperature regulating issues.  He's one of them.  He bundles up a bit in the house.  Wears a hat inside and a snuggie now.  Alex hasn't complained about his broken bone much lately so that is good.  He has an unique thing w/ his bone in his upper arm.  Like a hook that grew out of the regular bone.  Well, one year it broke off.  Remains broken but ortho said to leave it as is unless it really bothers him.  It is not doing any damage and is just one of those odd things.  There is a big long name for what it is called but honestly, I couldn't even begin to tell you let alone spell it out.  Alex is growing a lot lately.  He is 10 years old so it is the age to do that.  His allergies are pretty rough lately but don't want to drug him up too much w/the other meds he's on.  So, got him his own "netti potty."  Yep, that's what Alex calls the neti pot.  A "netti potty."  Sounds gross when he says it.  Hoping it helps a bit.

Nik is a very healthy 8yo boy.  He is now bilaterally implanted w/ CI's.  He is beginning to really localize sound much better now.  Doing very well w/ both implants and really likes them.  Great sign.  He gets private speech therapy at the house 2X a week and in school 4 or 5 times a week.  Still, can not talk.  Concentrating on sign more and more as that is his primary form of communication.   Nik's doing well w/ ASL but is not reading.  Trying to figure out what to do about that part.  Medically though, Nik is very healthy.  His asthma is well under control w/ the singulair and we haven't had an attack in a long time.  Not even one nebulizer treatment this winter!  His eczema is almost non-existent now.  Now, his vision needs to be checked again soon. He's do for his annual checkup.  Well, over due. He & Alyona have to go to a specialist.  Nik has some pretty poor vision but seems stable at the moment.  We'll see in a few weeks.  Last word was it doesn't look like he has RP(retinitis pigmentosa) & isn't going to be going blind.  That is wonderful news for sure.  Again, have to get checked out again soon.  Nik is a very medically healthy little boy.  Growing boy I should say. 

Now it's the girls' turn to see what is medically happening with them.

Irina-- Irina is growing into a beautiful young lady.  Trouble is, she has gained over 40 lbs since September when she started school.  Thyroid is fine.  Doctor thinks it is stress from school & so do I.  Going to work on getting her back to healthy once she is homeschooled soon.  Her asthma is under control as well as allergies for the most part.  Her OCD is through the roof lately but we're working on it.  Hey, at least the house is getting cleaned.  Irina will need a sinus surgery soon.  Again.  Apparently, while she lived in the orphanage she had a horrible fall which caused some damage to her nose.  She has had 2 surgeries thus far & will most likely get another this spring.  Want to wait till after our first trip to Bulgaria for obvious reasons.  Otherwise, Irina is pretty healthy.  She has made a health plan up and is working on some things. 

Yana-- Yana is pretty healthy as well.  Her weight is in check & she is going to try out for track so she's trying to stay physically fit.  Her migraines seem to be better now.  For awhile, she was getting them almost daily.  Now, they are just once in awhile so that is wonderful for sure.  All in all, very healthy. 

Alyona-- Alyona is another that seems to be doing just fine.  Her ASD has had the all clear.  So, no more heart stuff.  yeah.  Her eyes are not the  best.  She has really only one good eye.  The glasses are mainly to protect the good eye even though that eye needs help too.  None of her vision is 20/20 even w/ glasses.  She has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia(ONH).  She needs to go back very soon for her annual checkup. Great news is that her vision seems to be stable.  So, at least not detiorating.  Her arm still has permanent damage.  Gives her trouble at times but she has learned to work with it.  We still have major food battles with her.  Alyona would be best to eliminate sugar but still have not eliminated it completely.  Alyona has finally outgrown the toddler sizes and I'm thrilled.  She's in a size 6 or 6X.  It's great.  She grew.  No other medical stuff going on.  Alyona has even gained weight.  Still not even 45 lbs. but getting there. 

I think that about covers them.  I don't mention the FAS or RAD or mental health stuff on this as that would take forever.  There are always issues with that and we work on them.  Only Nik right now has speech therapy.  No one else is doing any other therapies.  We've tried mental health therapies and such but they never seemed to be what our kids needed.  One day I'll write more on that type of stuff.  For now, thought a brief medical update was due.  I'm just thrilled that I have very healthy children.  Got to get going.  another post with pictures is forthcoming. 

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