Monday, January 31, 2011

Manic Monday

Goodness, today was quite the day.  It's finally starting to settle down a bit at 8:30.  The "littles" were all  out of sorts today.  I needed "back up" to even get to the bank.  There was no way I was risking that grand adventure on my own.  LOL.  And, it wasn't just those kids, it was mine too!  ALL were out of sorts.  Just don't get it except maybe that it's just a Monday. 

Kids got report cards today & they were as expected.  No D's or F's so that is awesome.  Warren & I don't mind if our kids are truly making C's in a regular class if they are actually able to comprehend the material.  They have done a lot of growing academically so very proud.  VERY concerned w/ Yana in the regular program though especially w/ reading.  She is going to high school next year and not sure that will work.  She was in a self-contained setting last year but they did away w/ those.  More on this topic later. 

Bojan has his new leg.  More on that later.   We think we're going to switch back to the old kind of knee.  He's not bending this new one at all.  I mean at all.  We have 30 days.  We're really thinking this one through.  Giving it some time. 

Too much on my mind lately.  Still nervous about the I-800A & really want that approval.  shoot, who doesn't?  Ready to go over.  The wait is unbearable some times. 

Alyona is better.  She went to school.  Hated that the doc thought I was a complete moron.  I really think he thought that.  Nice guy but I know he didn't know my kids like the rest of the staff does.  They know my kids & their "quirks."  They know if they come in w/ 103.5 fever not to worry.  This guy was VERY concerned.  I told him it was no big deal as most my orphanage kids run a high fever when sick.  Max's are 105 usually.  To me, I knew she had strep before we went there.  He tested her for that & the flu again.  He came in said she didn't have strep but then later said it did convert over.  Explained to me you can't give tylenol & motrin at the same exact time.  Has to be spaced apart.  Anyhow, lots of instructions & things which is great for someone who has never been through this before.  But, w/ 7 kids, we've done it over & over again.  LOL.  Plus, I told him not to listen to her.  Remember, Alyona is severely delayed & cognitively delayed.  You ask her a question, she will say yes to it all.  Does your throat hurt?  Yes.  Does your stomach hurt?  Yes.  Does your toe hurt?  Yes.  YOu get the picture.  Again, doc did know his stuff but I really think he thought I was an idiot.  Oh well. 

Speech therapist came.  Straightened out the insurance mess so he can keep receiving help.  Wahoo.  He is doing well. 

More to come in another post.  I cut my finger tonight & really hurts to type.  Can't wait to share some more news.  Stayed tuned. 

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