Monday, January 24, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, lots of posts today as lots going on at Chaos Manor.  We recovered from our long weekend.  Kids are off school today & I don't have the "littles."  Hence, why I can write so many posts.  thought I'd catch a few things up.  Our upcoming week is relatively quiet for now.  Things going on. 

Bojan.  Bojan is going back to school after his bout w/the flu.  He is also getting his new leg tomorrow.  He is SO excited and definitely need to show you before & after pics.  It really is a wonder how he's walking on his current leg.  I also will be scheduling his surgery this week I think.  Trouble is, I really want to time it right for Bulgaria so it is a little tricky.  Most likely, his surgery will be April or May.  Full length cast this time which will really suck.

Max.  Max will be practicing driving this week more now that he has his permit.  Max also starts a new semester this week.  He is healthy.

Alex.  He's driving me insane but other than that, nothing going on w/ him this week.  Nothing medically thank goodness.

Nik.  Need to sort out insurance issues for Nik's speech therapy.  If they can't do it, we'll have to stop it which I really hate the thought of.  Time will tell.  Nik also needs his eyes checked soon.  I am making that appointment this week as well. 

We have decided since this upcoming weekend will be gorgeous, we're going to go hiking a bit.  Nothing far but just to get outside and enjoy it.  May even take a picnic lunch & surprise the kids w/ Wendy's Frosty's.  Their favorite & we got those free coupons for them leftover from Halloween.  LOL.  Can't wait to go though.  I'm ready for some fresh air. 

Max & Warren are building a bike rack for the back yard.  Maybe it will then stop looking like Sanford and Sons.  It's horrible looking.  Really is.  16 bikes.  yikes!  Our 9 and then a few others for the little kids when they come over and some spares as well.  After they're up, we're going to inventory what we need to fix and start one by one fixing them up. 

Need to call for the pups to have an appointment as well to be spayed & neutered.  No fun but needs to be done.  Need to send some photo books off to Serbia too.  I'm so far behind on a few things & really do need to catch up.  working on it slowly. 

Oh, we've decided to pull Irina from school & homeschool her the last two years of high school.  Have to do that this week as well.  Need to also make Nik his dentist appointment and check on the others. 

So, busy, manic Monday for sure.  Checking things off one by one.  Made homemade pizza for lunch which the kids love.  Me too.  We also had hot cocoa earlier as we cleaned up the yard a bit this morning.  Got to get moving and get some chores done still & appointments made.  We'll have surgeries for the puppies coming up.  We'll also have surgery for Bojan, Irina coming up as well.  maybe even Alyona but don't know yet.  It's hard making a decision when to do surgery when your travel is so up in the air.  Don't want to stick a sitter w/ a child after surgery.  Or a puppy after surgery for that matter.  Trying to plan all this stuff is like mapping out a strategic battle plan.  So, off to battle I go.  More going on but that's what I could think of for the week.  Fundraiser post, farm visit post & RAD post coming up.  For now, got to get going.

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