Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic Monday

It was finally a relaxing weekend this past weekend.  Didn't go anywhere on Saturday.  Kids spent the night here Friday night and Saturday mostly the kids played with friends.  Was nice.   Sunday, we missed church.  Warren had been sick all day Saturday & was beat.  He needed to sleep.  By the time I got everyone organized, the clock was not on my side.  Irina and Yana did get to go in the afternoon with their youth group to help Stop Hunger Now event. Bagging up things to help feed the hungry.  Warren and I got a few groceries.  Trust me, with an ice storm coming, the shelves get emptied quickly.  Still cracks me up here.

It is very cold out.  Something is coming, that's for sure. Whether it ends up being snow or ice is yet to be seen.  Getting stuff done this week.  Immigration for one.  I also need to get Irina and Max's certificates again as they expired for the driving course.  Once we have those this week, we'll take them down to the DMV to take the test so they can get their driver's permit.  Yikes!

Bloodwork came back for Alex.   Now, doc office said it was fine.  Raleigh Neurology called & said his cholesterol was getting too high.  Sometimes, this is side effect of his meds.  We will alter his diet a bit.  Max's cholesterol did the same thing and then balanced back out on it's own.  Who knows.  Just keeping an eye on it and he'll be retested in a few months.  If it remains on the getting high side, we'll look at a med change which I dread.

I'm getting caught up on some phone calls today, surveys to take and emails to answer.  Slowly but surely, it will get done.  I'm on a mission!  LOL.  Even the refrigerator got cleaned out today. 

Thanks so much for all the responses on the deaf & reading post.  It does help coming from other people.  We are slowly learning sign.  Just wish we could learn instantly but I for one know it doesn't work that way.  We go to Cued Speech Camp every year.  We explored cued speech but it definitely was not for us.  Warren caught on.  I could not.  Seriously, I just could not get it.  That & it would be harder for Bojan w/ some missing fingers and shortened digits to do cued speech.  In addition, there is a bit of abstraction to it versus ASL.  Here's a word, here's a sign.  Since some of our kids are very mentally challenged, we figured that was another reason to do ASL.  We still go to the cued speech camp every year and those folks are amazing.  It is really a great thing.  Just not the thing for our family.  We also don't do SEE(signed exact english).  We prefer to do ASL so sticking to it & trying to enhance it.  And for the person who suggested youtube for the ASL lessons, THANK YOU!  I never even thought of that even though I do some Bulgarian stuff on youtube.  Just gives me another option.  There is ASLpro and ASL University that i go to.  I get as much practice as I can.   We go to the cued speech camp every year.  Tried to ask on the deaf group about a signing camp but apparently not as prevalent.  Going to ask again soon though.  The groups that meet are w/ adults.  I really want Nik to interact w/ some kids.  There are HI groups that meet in the triangle area but most are verbal from what I gathered.  May try it anyhow b/c you never know.  Someone also suggested getting him tested in ASL to see where he is at.  You know, I'd never thought of that before.  So many of you all had great suggestions.  Great to hear what others think & to see ideas that I may not have thought of.  I appreciate it.  I've spoken to a few adults that have hearing parents and adults of deaf children.  Trying to get all angles.  We actually did this when we were deciding where to place him for school.  You still worry I think as a parent. 

Puppies.  Oy!  someone asked if it was the male or female doing the peeing.  It's the male, Kota.  They know their names.  Generally don't chew a whole lot they're not supposed to.  Stick w/ their toys and chewies and such.  We let them outside and they most of the time will come back in when they're called.   A few times though they want to explore the woods and that is fine.  However, a couple times they want to run across the road to their buddy's house.  Now, vets & such have told us we can't get the wireless system or invisible fence system till they're at least 6 months old.  Right now, we try to take them out on a leash.  However, they'll escape w/ the kiddos at times.  Working on the kids w/ that too.  Right now we are trying to think of a fencing solution that won't cost us a fortune.  At least until we can get the wireless system when they're older.  Half the back yard is fenced.  There are all kinds of wires and pipes on the other side to dig.  So, need to do it from the back of the house to the woods but too many gaps.  Thinking hard to come up w/ something.  Alaska rarely pees in the house any more.  Both dogs will go to the door when they have to go.  But, the past few days Kota has looked at us and then started peeing wherever he was.  On the stairs (2X)...the ONLY place that is carpeted in this stupid house.  Living room floor & dining room floor.  All of our house is hardwood floors.  So, at least easy clean up.  Kota seems more goofy than Bear.  Doesn't seem to care if he does it.  Now, neither has pooped in the house for weeks.  Trying to get Kota to behave for the last little bit here.  Now, I know crate training is great but we've never crate trained any of our dogs in the past.  Worked out fine.  Seems to be working out fine for Alaska as well.  Kota does fine for everything except these accidents here and there all of a sudden.  Trying to figure him out.  Puppies sleep all night, no accidents.  We let them out about 11pm and then again at 7am.  They're fine.  They sleep on their dogbeds.  They play great w/ the kids.  They sit on command.  Sort of getting shake but it's slow.  Btw, Nik says shake.  However, it comes out 'shit.'  Lovely.  Now, they will come when I call them outside but not when Warren calls them.  Umm, he's not too happy about that one.  We'll work w/ the dogs this weekend on that one.  Overall, they're doing pretty good.  We'll get there.  It's a process.  Just, we haven't had a puppy in the house for over 13 years and it takes getting used to again. 

Got to go.  Snowing and sticking.  And, have to stir the potato soup I made.  Been simmering all day long.  Smells awesome in here on a cold day.  Oh, we bought Netflix.  Ooh,this is SO cool!  Thanks for all the input.  Lots of movies to choose from.  And, so much cheaper than buying the dvd's or going to the theater.  Even though we usually go to the cheap seats anyhow.  I let the kids make sugar cookies today. I think they're all gone already.  Shoot, you have 11 kids here, you need to keep them busy. 

Overall, hoping it will be a quiet week that I can play catch up and give stuff done.  Only chiro appt. this week.  All the kids' appoints are next week.  Bojan, Nik, and Irina. 2 of them go to the dentist, bojan to prosthetics and Nik to audiology.  Can't remember if next week is the FAS support group meeting as well.  Oh, and we're going to a museum next Thursday.  My birthday is this weekend.  Going out to lunch on Saturday w/ some gift certificates we had received from my parents at Christmas.  Can't wait.  So, quiet week this week but this weekend and next week may be busier.  Enjoy the week.  It's snowing here in NC!!!  Won't be 11" like before as we're supposed to get ice.  Still pretty to look at for sure.  PIctures to come in another post.

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