Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Manic Monday

Started this post yesterday.  As you can see, life caught up w/ us.  I'll just ush publish & leave it & start a new.  Explain why in the next post.

Goodness, I can't believe it's already 2011.  So, I guess the blog title is somewhat deceiving now, huh?  LOL.  Nothing I can do about it.  This is adoption and no matter how many times you do it, it's always a waiting game.  I swear, adoptive parents must be the most patient people on earth.  Okay, my kids won't say that about me.  Still waiting for that stupid piece of paper that allows us to go get Irina's fingerprints.

Yesterday was a bit busy.  I had let Alyona spend the night on Saturday against my better judgement.  You'd have to understand the situation & it's just too complicated to explain.  We have rules in place at our house & Alyona knows these rules apply even if you go elsewhere.  She also knows she'll get grounded if she doesn't follow them.  Did she follow them?  Nope.  This happens when she gets out of routine.  Common for most FAS kids really.  Maybe not all the same reactions but definitely "interesting" when our kids get dysregulated.  She came home mean and nasty yesterday.  Pushed Nik down.  Don't worry, Nik got plenty even.  I was just disappointed in her for sure.  She knows the one thing that really urks me is for people to treat her like a baby.  Alyona is 11.5 yo.  I don't care if she's "little."  Doesn't make a difference to me.  She can act her age.  I've seen it & expect it from her.  Bojan & her are the same age so not hard to compare at times. I know each kid is different but some things really are age related.  She went to this other kid's house & they pushed her around like a little baby in a stroller no less!  She has reverted to baby sounds, etc.  Ridiculous.  She also went over there & ate nothing but sugar cereal for dinner, breakfast & lunch.  Alyona knows this is a big no-no for her as it causes health issues.  Frustrating.

Then there were her sisters.  URGHH!!!  I let them go to the mall w/ a friend.  No big deal.  Yana had no money.  So, that was easy.  Figured she can't buy anything.  Ahh, but I forgot she can take advantage of her sister who does indeed have money & mental challenges.  URGHH!!! More about that one later.

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