Friday, January 7, 2011

Magic from Nana

Bojan got a package from his grandmother the other day.  It's my mom  & they call her Nana Babooshka which she hates.  LOL.  Babooshka means grandmother in Russian.  BTW, she grew up in a house that was Russian Orthodox & Methodist.  Trust me, we know all about the Russian Orthodox faith & traditions.  I digress.  Bojan received a package in the mail.

Any chance Max has to use a pocket knife, he's going to use it.  

Everyone seeing just what Bojan had received for his gift.  BTW, my parents were recently in Las Vegas and visited a magic shop.  

I think Bojan is very please with his new magic set.  As is everyone else in the room.  

They are all mesmorized by the instructional video on magic tricks.  Do you know how tired I am at acting surprised at the same magic trick 7 times over???  Oh well.  They have really enjoyed this nice surprise.  Forewarning:  If you come to this house, be expected to see a magic tricks... 7 times over.

Need to get ready for a few things tonight.  De-cluttering a basket full of paper stuff.  And I mean full.  Kids are excited as a few other kids are spending the night.  Plus, a major snow storm may be hitting on Monday & Tuesday here.  With ice.  That equals major shut down for this state I'm sure.  Schools have already talked about being closed on Monday & Tuesday.  Lovely.  I love it though as we really do have fun here on snow days.  It's so rare & I think that is what makes it so fun.  Going to try to call immigration now.  Wish me luck.  The final Christmas post is next.  Just takes awhile to write.  Bojan is w/ Warren & Max getting his new leg today...hopefully.  Bojan will have to learn to walk w/ this one all over again as it's new componetry and system works differently than before they told us.  Bojan wanted his brother Max to go.  I told you these two are VERY close.  That's good though.  For those who ever questioned Bojan's adoption being too soon, after the others & that it wouldn't work out, well, I think we can say now that those statements were myths.  He has bonded w/ everyone in here.  Including the sister that used to hate him!   Yep, he & Yana are buddy buddy now too.  For those new to adoption, always trust your gut.  Not the opinion of others.  Now, to just wait for the snow this evening.

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