Monday, January 17, 2011

Kicking it off!!!

I am thrilled to announce our fantastic fundraiser!  Starting today, you can be a part of helping to bring 3 orphans home to their forever family and at the same time, you can get something very useful for your children.  If you don't have any children, then a very lovely gift for someone who does.  What is it you're wondering?  What kind of cool gift can I get for my kids or as a gift for someone?  A thick, cozy hooded towel, personalized of course!  All kinds of colors for boys or girls.  These would make wonderful birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, baby gifts, or just because you're special gifts.  And the best part is, you don't have to give them right away.  They will store just fine and not go bad as a cookie would.  (schools here tend to do those cookie fundraisers that's why I mentioned it).  Let me show you the colors first. 

Just look at this energizing electric blue.  What a bright way to start the day.

A perfect pink for a precious princess.  I think little AND big girls will love it.

Or maybe a beautiful purple for your princess.  My teens would actually love it.  Though they remind me they're not young, you'd be suprised!

Calling all NC State fans in this area.  What a magnificant fire engine red.  Wow, is all I can say.

Now, these are just glimpses of the colors of these beauties.  First digest the colors that would brighten any bathroom or bedroom & make bath time oh so much fun.  I'm going to tell you a little about the specs of the towel.  These towels are 100% cotton.  They are full-sized bath towels measuring 30 X 54 inches.  That is a great sized towel & will definitely help to get you dry. 

Next we get to see the wonderful things that get to happen w/ these towels.  These are hooded towels.  They are also not small towels.  Remember, 30 X 54.  I've saved the best part for last...the monogrammed designs!  Wait till you see these creative things.  I absolutely love them.  They can get monogrammed w/ letters, an elephant, an octopus, an ice cream cone, butterfly, princess crown, or superhero emblem.  Below, I'll give you just a few examples.  Remember, you can create your own.  That is the sheer beauty of all this.  Being creative for your kids or the kids you know.  To not keep you waiting any longer....

I know some of you know some great little guys would love to become superheros after a bath.  Can't you just picture them all wrapped up running around w/ their superhero towel?  This is the monogram that would go on as a superhero.  Obviously, you pick the letter for your child.  This would look great on the blue or the red towels

The two pictured above are sweet for the precious girls in your lives.  There are 3 color options for these princess towels:

Pink towel w/ turquoise letter (first picture above)
Pink towel w/ purple letter (not shown)
Purple towel w/ pink letter (also pictured above)

Ooh, almost good enough to eat!  These are the ice cream cone towels for the little girls who may not be into princesses.  (btw, I was one of those girls as a kid).  anyhow, great option.  

Purple towel w/ pink ice cream & yellow cone (pictured above)
Pink towel w/ purple ice cream & yellow cone (not shown)

Now, time for our animal selection which I think all will enjoy.  Here goes.

Makes you just want to jump into spring, doesn't it?!  color options:

Pink towel w/ purple wings & green center (shown)
Purple towel w/ pink wings & green center (not shown)


What fun ideas going on here!  There are lots of options for the octopus so let me go through them all.

blue towel w/ green octopus (shown)
crimson towel w/ blue octopus (shown)
pink towel w/ purple octopus (shown)
pink towel w/ green octopus (not shown)
purple towel w/ pink octopus (not shown)
purple towel w/ lime green octopus (not shown)


Time to bring in the elephants.  Isn't this just darling?  Time for your options once again:

Blue towel w/ green elephant (shown above)
Blue towel w/ red elephant (shown above)
Red towel w/ gray elephant (not shown)

And now time for some of the show stoppers that have that personal touch.


I absolutely love being able to personalize things for my kids.  I really do.  These towels allow you that opportunity for sure.  Now,for the options on these towels:

Blue towel w/ green circle/ yellow block letter (shown above)
Blue towel w/ yellow circle/ green block letter (not shown)
Blue towel w/ green circle/ orange block letter (not shown)
Blue towel w/ orange circle/ green block letter (not shown)
Purple towel w/ pink circle/green block letter (shown above)
Pink towel w/ purple circle/green block letter (shown above)

Can you believe just how cool this fundraiser is?!  I told you it was the best.  I would love for you all to be a part of this.  Please feel free to pass it onto anyone who may be interested.  I would love to see us sell 100 towels.  I know that sounds impossible but we have millions of people living in the US.  Someone is bound to need a towel. Right?  Plus, these are really great quality from what I hear.  Others who have done this fundraiser said they were surprised at just how big & nice & fluffy the towels are.  Those who've purchased said they are definitely not just for toddlers or babies.  This is an item that can grow with your child.  Not something you'll use one time & toss.  This towel can be used for years by your precious little ones.  Let them be superheros and princesses as long as they can.  

We are kicking this fundraiser off today.  It will run until January 31st.  2 weeks to get your personalized towel for the child in your life.  I think these are just darling.  On the last day, I will place on large order.  Payment is due at the time the order is placed.  Payments can be made via cash, check(my address is on the sidebar), or Paypal (you can use credit cards w/ them).  Please email me directly at  Put towel fundraiser in the subject line.  

Once the large order is submitted, these ladies get to work, doing it all by hand!  Can you believe it?  The quality you will be receiving is incredible.  There is a story behind it all which you can check out at:  the (Cover)ed website

The towels are each $25.  Once you take out shipping costs, we'll receive about half of that.  So, everything raised from the sale of our towels goes directly to rescuing 3 orphans.  Making them orphans no more, but family.  Our forever family...complete.  Please feel free to pass this onto anyone & everyone.  Word of mouth is what we need.  These truly are some great gifts for children.  Or, for someone having a child.  I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of the kids that receive them.  Thanks for being a part of what I hope will be a successful fundraiser in helping us get to our children.  Oceans apart, but touched by the heart. 


  1. Great post! Thanks for all of the kind words about the towels and (Cover)ed. We are humbled to get to be a small part of your journey. Praying your sale is a huge success!!!

  2. I love the towels. I hope we can order some, but not sure with the timing;( we had to fundraise every penny for our ukrainian adoption so if you need ideas email me!