Saturday, January 15, 2011

Imitation is flattering, right?

Nik is a little creative from time to time.  This may be one of those times.

Nik made this person out of kinex.  I know it may be hard to see in this picture but look closely.  This is Bojan.  How do we know?

Notice the legs?  Quite different.  quite clever if you ask me.  Still not convinced it's Bojan he's imitating?

Too funny.  He even imitated Bojan's misisng finger w/ a smaller kinex piece.  Creative kid for sure.  Told Bojan this is a form of flattery.  Nik was smiling as big as he could w/ his life-sized kinex model of Bojan.  He was even trying to make it walk a bit.  Didn't work of course.

He even had his Bojan shake hands w/ Aunt Lisa when she came to visit.  He was not too happy that the arm kept breaking off every time you would shake it.  Too funny.  Nik loves to build with Legos and Kinex.  Fortunately, I can usually find them at yardsales.  So, really allows him to get creative.  

Well, need to get some other things done today besides a blog post or two.  Girls are still working in the kitchen.  Interesting to say the least.  Need to take a walk soon too but waiting for Warren to come home from work still.  It's 3:15 so hopefully soon.  I'm still trying to stay organized & keep my resolutions.  I think I may actually do it this year.  I know I still owe many of you emails but I'm getting there....slowly.  Laundry has stayed caught up.  Emails are getting answered.  Clutter is disappearing.  Plans are being made.  Not too bad.  And, staying w/ the health plan.  

All the kids did their chores this morning.  All of them.  Only issue we had today was Alex's lying.  RAD children are notorious for lying.  Or, at least many of them do.  This for me is the hardest to overcome.  We have tried every reward/punishment known to man and nothing.  NOT even if caught red-handed w/ a video tape.  It's insane.  I had Yana's lying well under control.  Last night was the first night in ages she lied to us.  She knew we'd be mad if she told us so she lied instead.  See, when Irina and Yana go somewhere together, Yana will take advantage of her sister.  Usually, in the form of money by getting Irina to pay for stuff for her.  Last night, same thing happened. They went to the skating rink which usually will cost $8 a piece.  I told them after Christmas I'm strapped, adoption coming up, me paying for their church activities, etc. I just could not pay. They both had money leftover.  Irina, having way more than Yana b/c IRina just had a birthday.  They got to the rink w/ their friend & it ended up being an all night skate w/ admission fee of $15 a piece.  Despite this being a giant rip off as they weren't staying all night, they didn't call us to come get them. Instead, Yana used Irina's money...again.  Lied to us about it.  Had quite the discussion last night w/ her about it.  How she is going to have to pay Irina back for some of this.  Just some life lessons.  We all have to learn them at some point.  

Overall, kids are doing okay right now and hope to keep it that way.  Max has even earned his tv back if some of you were wondering.  He's almost done spakling his room.  Tomorrow, we should start the painting.  Well, maybe Monday start it.   Tomorrow, it's going to be nice outside so I want Warren & Max to build a bike rack for our Sanford & Sons yard.  It's horrible looking.  Bike rack would most certainly help.  The scrap wood we made the last one out of did not last.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I know we're going to get stuff done but relax a bit at the same time.  Love it.

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