Monday, January 24, 2011

Hurry, you're running out of time!!!

We are only one week away from the towel fundraiser ending.  Just one week!  That is not long at all.  We have such a long way to go to meet our goal.  So far, we have only sold 6 towels.  That's it.  We have had quite a few people help spread the word too.  I've done facebook, email, the blog, the church, and a local forum group here.  If anyone thinks of anything I've missed, please do let me know.  Easter is right around the corner folks.  Wouldn't one of these look wonderful in your child's Easter basket??

Just think of all the excitement when they look inside that basket?!  These are just such great gift ideas I can not even begin to use the right words to describe them.  They are just beautiful and the love that goes into these is incredible.  Their workmanship radiates care & a love for the orphans for sure.  There are just too many styles to choose from!

What kid wouldn't love their initial on their own bath towel?!  I can tell you from personal experience in THIS house that it has helped alleviate the problem of who left their bath towel on the floor.  Our Alex has already declared he wants one w/ a big A on it.  So, it is not limited to just little toddlers.  So much variety, so many options, so much love, how can you say no?  Please consider buying a towel to treasure & to help save 3 Bulgarian orphans from their orphanage life.  They have a family waiting here to love them.  They just need a way to get home.  Hope you can join us in this great adventure.  And, get a wonderful product in return!  Feel free to email me w/ more questions.  Towels are $25.  There is a write up in more detail a few posts back.  The title is Kicking it off!!!  Thanks so much & please feel free to help spread the word.  Our deadline for orders is January 31st.  Next Monday. 

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