Thursday, January 20, 2011

Horror, help and hanging around

One day I'll actually make a tongue twister up w/ some of these titles. Quick bits.  Irina is taken an exam today which counts for nothing.  Still don't get that one.  Max is cleaning his room.  Once done, we will take him to get his permit.  Nik's appt.s been canceled.  Bojan gets his new leg at 4pm.  He is fever free & feeling good.  Only thing really left w/ him is a nasty cough.  Alyona is asleep again, spiked fever, etc.  She takes longer to recover normally so not a surprise to us.  I'm playing catch up w/ a few things today.  Onto pics.   Horror first.

One of Nik's quickie drawings.  Nik is holding a gun, shooting at me!  Horror, I tell you.  Police car by the side there.  Now, he's showing me this laughing the whole time, yet wanting me to draw him in some horror story.  I said no.  Now, you all may be worried.  I'm not.  You can tell he's joking.  What I really wanted to show you is what he did for me.  A thoughtful Thursday post indeed.  It was my birthday last Sunday.  I was on the couch.  He came over to me and sings Happy Birthday (in sign of course) and hands me his drawing board.  We have a bigger one than this one above.  On it was a cupcake w/ a candle & a bunch of hearts.  Gives me that & a hug & kiss.  Very sweet.  The above depictions truly are just messing around b/c he likes it when I pretend cry.  Btw, he does this to Alex too.  Two people he's closest to.  Alex & I.  He always draws Alex as the criminal & him getting arrested by the police.  Next time, I'll take pics of the sweetness too so you can see what I mean.  Just don't want anyone thinking he's a psycho kid w/ a deathwish.  FAR from it!  Very loving & sweet demeanor Nik has. 

Alyona loves to help out.  No idea why she's washing in the prep sink though.  Oh well.  We told her to let it soak.  She insisted on using an SOS pad to get it clean.  She's standing on a stool so she can reach the sink.  Alyona & her sisters are on this kick lately about braiding their hair & letting it out to make it wavy.  She really is a great little helper.  

Gee, should have tied all these to Thoughtful Thursday post.  Here is Max helping one of the "littles" w/ a craft.  We had bought it on 75% off clearance at Walmart.  It should have stayed at the clearance aisle.  LOL.  quite a pain but Max has wonderful patience w/ that stuff.  Glad he was here for this one.

did I ever tell you all how wonderful Max is with his siblings??  Well, he is.  Alyona thinks it's cool to just hang around w/ big brother Max.

Or, trying to reach the sky.  She thinks it's cool to be picked up by one arm.  BTW, I absolutely hate, hate, hate this shirt.  He got it from someone and loves it.  I try to find it so I can throw it out.  Kind of a running gag we got going on  as I can never find where he puts the stupid shirt.  The background in this picture is the way I sort papers.  It's either risk them getting stomped on or they end up w/ food on them from where I sort on the table.  Catch 22. I think it's safe to say Max doesn't mind playing w/ his sister.  

Well, need to go tend to Alyona.  More pics to come.  Just thought I'd post a few.  2 more posts coming later on.  Like I said, today is a catch up day.  I even think Bojan can go to school tomorrow.  Wahoo!!!  He's getting his new leg today.  Can hardly wait.  Pictures on that one for sure.  He's excited & so are we.  He's leg has been too small since the summer.  The difference in the socket size is unreal.  We're all still amazed he's able to walk.  Stay tuned for more to come & please, please let everyone know about the fundraiser.  Thanks a bunch.

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