Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Warren & Bojan!

Just a quick note to say a very Happy Birthday to my husband and my son.  Yes, they share a birthday.  Warren is a year older.  not sure he'd want me sharing his age but he is ten years older than me.  He's probably not celebrating much today.  Later we'll have cake.  Unfortunately, Warren is on his way to Lowes early this morning to get a snake to try to discover what surprise lays deep in the pipes.  Last time this happened, Warren had to take the toilet apart and dumped it out.  Out came a boat.  He thought that was it.  Got it all fixed back up and it didn't work.  Alex then decides to speak up and say "but Daddy, there were two parts to that boat."  At that time, I thought it best to remove Alex from the room.  LOL.  The look on Warren's face was priceless when Alex said that though.  Thought I would crack up but didn't dare laugh.  Can laugh now though.  So, off to Lowes he goes. 

I'm going to story time at the church and taking my neighbor w/ me w/ the other two "littles" I watch some times.  Well, we went to story time and had a good time.  Came home & poor Warren was still here working on stuff.  He discovered one of the problems.  Want to guess what it was shoved in that toilet downstairs? 

No, not the kids or the dog but that stupid remote control spider Nik got for Christmas.  One of those 6" legs stopped up the entire toilet.  Problem solved.  Well, sort of.

Septic guys came out today.  Aren't you glad I didn't take pictures?  LOL.  He said we should have called last year, this was overflowing and we were very lucky this time. I asked him flat out how long he thinks this system will hold up w/ our load.  He said I really can't answer that but you are going to have problems.  Umm, not the answer we needed.  We know we need to do something but can't put in a secondary line, Extreme Homemakeover I'm sure is not knocking on the door any time soon, & we can't move as we'd have to take a major loss just as every other American does in this country when selling a home.  So, that leaves us stuck.  Not in a good position.  For now, it's stable again and everything is fine.  Trouble is, no guarantee how long that will last.  In addition, the lid(concrete) disintegrated.  Literally fell apart as they took it off.  Watched them.  I knew right then & there we are going to have some major problems in the future.  Time will tell.  BTW, this little visit was $500.  

Warren finally got to work & the "littles" & I went back out.  Irina made a cake for Bojan & Warren's birthday today.  I need to make the icing in a minute.  May snow here later tonight & tomorrow.  Feels like snow if that makes sense to anyone.  We'll see.  Should be just flurries.  Immigration letter still did not come today.  I should be able to call in the morning.  I'm worried at this point.  My check has been cashed so that's not the issue.  Again, this is what we're waiting on...impatiently waiting.  I've got to get cracking on homeschool stuff for Irina.  Working on it.  May search for a few online things as well so if anyone out there has suggestions, please do let me know.  I cheated tonight for dinner and just shoved in frozen lasagna from Mrs. Stouffers.  After making two roast beefs last night in the most inopportune time, I was not up to making anything today.  Tomorrow, snow, so homemade crockpot soup I think.  Love the smell they put out.  Still have more posts to catch up with.  Including Irina's birthday, Christmas at Warren's parents, and a few others I'm sure.  I feel better today about what I've gotten done lately.  Was feeling overwhelmed but when I stepped back & really took inventory of what all has been accomplished, well it's a different story.  Got to go.  More posts to follow.  sorry this one was so choppy. 

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