Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gnome has a home

Need something  a little less wordy.  LOL.  Too many serious posts lately.  Time to lighten the mood.  Pictures tend to do that.  This is more of a silly picture.

Yes, it is a travelocity travel gnome.  Yes, it's in my kitchen.  Yes, it was a silly impulse buy at Lowe's Hardware.  And yes, we use that many kidney beans for a few batches of chili.  We saw this gnome on clearance at Lowes...$2.  For some reason it called to us.  You always see the gnomes all over the countries in their commercials.  I think this gnome should travel.  He's actually not heavy at all.  Maybe he should go to Bulgaria w/ us to see the sights.  Hey, I'm thinking about it.  I think we bought this ridiculous thing b/c it does represent travel.  We know we're traveling soon.  I think looking at this silly think just makes us think that we'll be traveling too. Anyhow, that's how we ended up w/ this ridiculous thing that is now in my living room on the end table.  Not w/ a can of beans.  So for now, our gnome has roamed from Lowes to the kitchen to the living room.  Not too exciting.  We really have to get him out more.  More pictures to come...of the kids, not the gnome.

1 comment:

  1. He's cute! We use that many kidney beans in our chili AND in our rice and bean soup, and our Mexican Rice! Because one daughter likes them better than black beans- go figure! LOL! So we add half black beans and half kidney beans!
    I love reading your blog. We are going to Bulgaria too. :o)