Friday, January 21, 2011

Flabulous to Fabulous

I must admit, this is not a proud week for me on this weight loss journey.  I was so excited last week, motivated, got into the groove.  This week, nothing.  I have not lost even a lb.  Disappointed as I should have made time. Granted, I wasn't expecting to lose more than a pound this week anyhow but that's not the point.  I have kept up with the water habit, taking the vitamin C & D, weightlifting, & stretching everyday.  I went to put in my cardio DVD and it's lost.  Happens in this house.  Still looking for it and hoping Irina didn't throw it away in her cleaning rampages she goes on.  I tried to get fresh air everyday.  That was successful.  I love being outdoors.  Trouble this week for me was finding time.  And of course, finding the DVD.  I couldn't find the DVD the first night & was determined to do something.  Since no one would go walk w/ me & I don't walk alone at night, I ran our staircase.  Hey, at least it was something.  I'm really longing to do outdoor activities so know this week will be the week.  This past week was very hard to get any bit of fitness in frankly.  2 kids sick w/ the flu, heat pump not working, Irina "losing it" over schooling, Nik freaking out at the dentist & not getting the work done, & countless other life moments.  Yet, in the same token, it's in these moments that I know I need to be more healthy & fit to be able to better handle them.  With literally one thing after another happening here, it truly was hard to find time.  I know we'll all have crazy weeks like that and it's okay.  Just didn't think it'd happen on my second week.  Today it's sunny & gorgeous outside.  Plan on doing quite a bit out there today.  I would LOVE to go on a hike tomorrow but have to see what trails are open & if Alyona and Bojan are recovered enough from the flu to do it.  I know we are going to the bonfire tomorrow evening.  Really, I can't wait.  Good food, great company, and relaxation.  Kids love going to the farm and hanging out w/ friends.  May take pictures, may not.  Might just be having too much fun to tote around a camera.  LOL.  I think my struggle this week was finding balance to fit in fitness.  I fit in somethings when I could but it is not what I wanted.  I wanted to stick to my schedule and workouts.  Just didn't happen.  I am here to tell you though that next week, I am going to report great things.  Hey, I guess not gaining what I had lost is a good thing.  Enjoy your weekend and do make sure to get outdoors.  I am a true believer in getting fresh air everyday. Hence, why we don't live in NYC.  More later. 

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