Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fake cake & lightbulbs

Still playing catch up on some posts here.  Thought I'd do Irina's birthday.  She was really looking forward to her friend coming over but at the last minute she couldn't. So, we went ahead and had some cake anyhow that evening. 

Still am in shock that she is 18 years old.   In her village in Russia, she would not have been alive to see this.  Her orphanage, on the streets at 13 years old.  At 13, she had the mentality of about a 6yo.  Irina would not have lived to see her 18th birthday.  Still amazes me.  She is such a gift and hard for others not to have witnessed that.  I'm not going to lie on here.  Irina does struggle and has come to terms with the invisible disability she has called FAS.  It is hard but she is learning to cope as are we.  Irina has accomplished way more in her 18 years than anyone ever thought possible.  She has turned into a very compassionate, loving, respectful(okay, so NOT to her sisters), motivated, loyal, & responsible young woman.  Very proud of who she has become.  Though in many ways still a little girl, many ways too, grown up as well.  Glad we'll have many more birthdays to celebrate with her.  

These two are very close.  Alyona and Irina.  Lots of similarities.  Alyona was playing birthday party.  Irina helped to do hair.  Wish this picture were clearer b/c I really do like it.  

These are my sous chefs.  They got chef hats for Christmas.  They like to help me cook.  Helps them learn a little too.  We were cooking bacon and eggs this morning.  I think they are ready for Hell's Kitchen, how about you?  

Kids singing Happy Birthday to the baby doll.  Alyona got the high chair for Christmas.  She loves it.  Nik, Alyona and Alex do still play baby dolls & stuffed animals together.  

Why of course you serve fake cake after you sing Happy Birthday to the baby dolls & bears.  She got this cute little cake for Christmas as well.  You can take the flowers on & off of it & it divides into four pieces.  Cute.  One day there will be a shot in my house w/ nothing on the floor.  Yes, still waiting for that day.  Still have our box of sweet potatoes.  Still taste fantastic.  

Those bags on the box and bags of normal lightbulbs.  We HATE those new bulbs for sure.  Stupid twisty things.  2 fires in our house so far b/c of them & one more potential one last week that we caught in time.  It was smoking so hadn't turn to fire yet.  Found out from a relative (used to work for the EPA) that those new bulbs are not meant for light fixtures that hang upside down.  Really?   What the heck are we going to do?  We've already had 3 fires in the light fixtures!  Okay, so 2 real fires & 1 potential.  Should count it as the bulb was smoking & smelling when we found it.  URGHH!!!  Remember, these bulbs are being eliminated in 2012.  Next year.  How long do you think before houses start burning down?  Yep, I predict ours may be one of them if we have no choice but to use those bulbs.  So, stocking up when we can.  We've also found those new bulbs do not last those 7 to 8 years that they claim.  Ha!  Not in this house.  And, it's not the wiring.  Frankly, I'm nervous about the new bulbs.  Found out online that there have been other folks who've had them catch fire as well.  Scary thought.  

Well, slowly but surely getting caught up here.  Only have 2 "littles" tomorrow.  Hoping we can get stuff done around here but doubtful.  I'll figure something out.  Still no immigration letter.  Do a catch up on the adoption post tomorrow.  More to come.  Time for bed.  Puppies are exhausted so that's a good sign we'll get some sleep tonight.  I'm telling you, some nights they are worse than babies.  Crazy. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Irina!! It is a blessing to see this girl in a place where she is so loved after her rough start. It is a blessing to "know" her story as you share her it on your blog. Prayers that 18 is a fabulous year for your special girl!! God bless, Jennifer