Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dead things & driving

Time for a little less seriousness.  I guess you can tell that w/ the last post, a lot to think about.  So, thought it was time for some pictures. 

My kids are always finding dead things.  Always.  Bojan was so proud to come home & show me his find.  We have no idea what kind of skull this is.  Too big for squirrel or rabbit.  Doesn't look like fox.  Who knows.  Was interesting though for sure.  I don't mind them bringing stuff home.  Feel it allows them to explore more and learn more.

Max, getting ready to drive the car for the first time.  We won't let the teens drive the big van for obvious reasons.  So, they practice in Warren's car.  It's a Chevy HHR.  

You notice Warren is the first to buckle up.  LOL.  He's trying to explain all the settings that need to be done when you first get in a car.

Max adjusting the mirrors.  The power mirrors are broken on his car so we have to adjust by hand.  It's a pain when you're the only driver.  But, the car runs, and everything else, knock on wood, is working.  The noise issue stopped recently so that was good.

And...he's off!  Yes, Max is driving.  Warren says he does great.  Just needs to give more distance when stopping.  As Warren soon found out down the road.  LOL.  Put it this way, when Max stopped, the car rocked back & forth.  

A few of the kids stayed out to watch him leave.  Too cute.  some of them were standing to the side.  Overall, Max did well.  Needs practice but feel confident he'll do fine as a driver in years to come.  He goes a little slow but hey, that's better than the alternative.  We're going to try to give him some drive time a little each week.  We still need to get Irina her permit as she failed the first time she took it.  She'll go this week.  She only missed it by one.  

Lots going on here as usual.  Chaos Manor is really full lately of activity.   Big decisions to make.  Lots school & house related.  I will post more later I'm sure but Warren needs the computer.  And, I need to get the kids ready for bed.  They don't have school tomorrow but I still have 3 other "littles."  So, 10 kids here tomorrow.  I look at it as practice.  

Oh, today at church we discussed David and Goliath.  Determination and hurdles and stones of ours.  Very interesting and very relative to the current adoption process.  We had  an emotional day today and some of the kids are acting up.   I'll get into it more later.  Suffice it to say, Yana is grounded.  Didn't help that she went to youth group & misinterpreted the message.  URGHH!!!  Hate it when my kids do that b/c it takes time to undo it.  Again, I'll explain more later.  Not the youth group, it's my kids and them not understanding due to how their FAS brain processes stuff.  Got to go.  Enjoy your evening.  Lots more to say of course.  We had a very, very busy weekend.  More thoughts, happenings and pictures to come.

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