Monday, January 10, 2011

Creativity, choking, and science

Thought I needed a break from writing.  So, some pictures for a change.

Max was bored w/ the tacos we had one night for dinner.  And this is what he decided to do instead.  Umm, if we could just put that creativity into our studies then we'd be okay, right Max?  

Not sure why they were doing this.  These two are always joking around.  Funny, as these two used to be really far from close.  Now, goofing around.  

Bojan is the comedian.  Notice that Bojan is taller than Irina?  She hates that.  Max looks like such a grown up young man in this picture to me. Hard to believe that Irina is the oldest one in that shot. 

Yana decided to do an experiment she learned at school.  It helps w/ the concept of density & bouyancy.  You have to squeeze the bottle & the weighted paper clip will sink to the bottom.  Let go, and it floats to the top.  Nik had so much fun w/ this thing. I kept thinking the whole time it would bust.  No, it didn't.  Was fun to play around w/ it though.

Bojan, writing stuff down for his science experiment on weather.  In this house it is hard for stuff not to get destroyed.  Unfortunately, this too got destroyed the very next day.  This was for extra credit he told me.  

Just thought I'd share a few pictures.  Kids don't have school tomorrow.  We're going to clean and watch a movie I do believe.  Ice outside so not really conducive to playing or going anywhere.  I am trying to catch up on many things so this helps.  BTW, today, the fingerprint letter came for Irina.  Now, we have to go pick a day to go sit & wait at the NBC center to get her printed.  Otherwise, her appointment is on the 3rd of February.  sorry, can't wait that long folks.  I need to get to my kids.  

Time to get more done.  Hoping for a quiet week for a change.  Again, thanks for all the input on Nik.  It really is helping us sort through things & getting to learn a few more things.  

We are making plans for the next few months of trips to be taking.  Most are local.  And of course, most are free.  I know we'll go to a farm, going to a museum that's hands on, going to a natural science museum, going out to eat, and possibly on a hike (depending upon weather).  And that is just in January.  February, if there is a decent weekend, we'll go to the zoo as we have a pass.  We'll also maybe hold a cookout here.  We used to do a Polar Bear Cookout.  Would love to get back into that.  Where we cook out in the freezing cold w/ friends.  Breaks everyone out of that indoor rut you get into during winter time.  March, we'll be working on the house for sure.  Probably go camping at least once in March.  Going to just do the first 3 months of planning and then take it from there.  We are going to Cued Speech Camp again this year.  Love it there.  Absolutely love it there.  Also, possibly planning a trip to Charlotte (just for the day as we won't have hotel costs then) for our annual Orenburg Adoption Reunion. We are also looking into going to an FAS Family Camp for the first time ever.  The museums are free, gift cards for dinner, camping is $12 for a site last time we checked, hiking is free, deaf camp we use our tax money each year & it is VERY reasonable there, Charlotte is a day trip so gas money & then whatever activity they have there (not usually expensive), etc.  sounds like a lot that we're doing but costs are very minimal.  Okay, so the van is a real gas guzzler but what can you do?  Can't afford a $40K Sprinter so for now, it's our gas guzzler on trips.  I am really looking into the FAS Family Camp in October.  I really think it is critical for our kids to be around others w/ the same type of disability.  We do it for Nik.  Why not for the others?  We go to a local FAS support group.  Well, actually, been once but planning on attending each month.  Bojan goes to amputee events.  So I think it only fair we attempt this FAS Family camp.  Plus, seeing others that live the same kind of life we do at Chaos Manor really does help.  Anyhow, trying to find a way to swing this camp.  Money is obviously tight when you do any type of adoption.  Yes, a post forthcoming on expenses & what we may have to raise for this adoption.  

Long winded post.  Geez, sorry about that.  More to come.  Housing plans are in the works and are...well....changing.  As usual, much more to say on housing, possible plans for Irina's travel, photo books going to Serbia, and quite a few more things.  For now, going to enjoy a relaxing evening w/ the family who has no school tomorrow.  Do hope we keep the power on during this storm. Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. Oh you must be thinking of the camp in orlando in october. Going with Katie would love to meet everyone.
    Pat and Katie