Friday, January 21, 2011

Cookie power

Ever notice cookies can stop fighting in an instant?  Cookies have such magical powers at times.  Like when you have a house full of kids and don't know what to do next b/c it's icy outside.  Or when some are working on a craft and others want a turn.  Or cookies have the power to just bring smiles to pretty much everyone.  Oh, if only we had cookies all the time here.  But, we don't so I'm just going to give you a glimpse of the magic of cookie making power the other day. 

Ahh, some of our bakers hard at work.  There were two sheets, a bunch of dough, and about 5 helpers at the time.  Lots of licking of fingers & frankly I didn't want to eat the cookies after watching that.  

Okay, my original idea was to roll out the dough & then do the cookie cutters.  As you can clearly see, that did not work out too well.  It's like peeling off gum off of your table.  

Nik making some cookies.  He really seems intense and into it.  

And what is better on a sugar cookie than globs more of sugar?  This batch was Nik & one of the "littles" I think.  Usually we make our own dough but some days it's nice to scoop some out of the bucket & let them have at it.  

Wish I had pictures of the finished product & all the smiles.  Yes, cookies definitely have magical powers when it comes to kids.  Go make a batch or two today.  No regrets.  Just be sure to work it off later.  LOL.  Well, more to come.  I have Alyona's IEP meeting today.  I like her teacher and we're all on the same page so should be a pleasant meeting.  Great news!  Warren just called & they were able to get in & out to get Irina fingerprinted early.  Now, I'm going to email immigration man and let him know it was done early.  He told me to do that.  So, even more vital to get this fundraiser in high gear.  I have this feeling that things are going to fly in February.  I'm READY!  Bring on the craziness of it all.  We today are one step closer to meeting our kids. 

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