Monday, January 17, 2011

Cold hard truth

Cold hard truth is we can not afford this adoption.  Let me explain and maybe you all can help.  And I don't mean financially.(well, if you can)  Need to pick some brains.  Our other 7 adoptions have always been done on our own for the most part.  We never really did fundraisers b/c we knew we could borrow and pay back.  Btw, we are STILL paying back Yana & Alex's adoption.  However, we don't mind.  We went into this set of adoptions thinking we could do it all on our own again.  Well, due to many setbacks and challenges in the beginning(reference letter delay mainly), we now have to pay more.  I'll explain to a point.  I can not explain everything until after the adoptions are finalized so please bare with me.  For those new, we had quite a bit of trouble obtaining some family references.  I'm not going to re-hash anything and I can understand everyone's reasons.  I do not blame anyone.  Each person has their reasons and I respect that.  Due to this we had to find an alternate solution.  Both placing and homestudy agencies were wonderful in this department and can't thank them enough for their understanding.  Once it was figured out, we got the ball rolling again. However, that caused major delays.  This in turned ran us into the dollar losing value at a drastic rate.  Since some of our fees are in euros, this meant some of our fees went up due to the flucuation of the dollar.  While we were trying to find solutions to a few problems, Irina was getting older.  Well, we all know where that led...another delay due to immigration treating her as an adult.  Which, costs us more money.  Airfare during this delay time has also skyrocketed.  So, even though it started simple as getting some family reference letters, the delays then have a domino effect.  Everyone in adoption needs to understand that.  Yet, I'm firmly a believer that everything happens for a reason.  For had we traveled when we were supposed to for Alyona, we would have never been able to get Nik. 

Everything happens for a reason.  Period.  I really do believe that. Even the good and the bad.  I also believe we need to do what we can and exhaust all avenues before asking for help.  I think we've done that.  We can not get a home equity line of credit due to the housing market being beyond down.  Home values have plummeted in this part of the country.  At least in our area.  though much better than some other states are faring in this country so shouldn't complain.  So, can not borrow from there.  We have borrowed from retirement this go around.  That' s how we've been paying for fees thus far.  However, over $5K worth of house repairs have come into play.  And these were NOT cosmetic repairs.  Won't even get into the roof needing replacing that we've held off on.  We have also had a yardsale last year to try to raise funds.  Not that successful w/ that one.  I have been babysitting for four young toddlers.  So, we looked into loans, borrowed from retirement, got a job, sold stuff and many other things all before we've asked for help.  We are now swallowing our pride and asking for help.  How much is needed?  My  best guess would be around $15K to be on the safe side. If there were any extra leftover, that extra would go to all the medical appointments for the kids when they get home.  Which due to the delays & them not getting home in 2010, now costs us more as well.  Our copays are now $30 a visit.  For us, that's a lot as we have so many specialists visits when they first get home in order to get the help they need.  Remember, all 3 of these children are special needs.  Our insurance has also gone up but so has everyone else's in this country so that's neither here nor there.  Anyhow, if there did happen to be a surplus collected than what is needed, it would obviously go toward all the upcoming medical care.  LOTS of neurology visits to come I'm sure.

So,this brings me to the next part of our adoption journey...fundraising.  We must do it.  I truly believe everyone has a calling in life of sorts.  Funny, as that is what our pastor discussed in his sermon yesterday at church.  I feel everyone is here to share their gifts.  Some teach, some volunteer, some donate time, some donate money, some rescue animals, some adopt, some mentor, you name it.  The list is long.  Our passion, our calling if you will, is indeed with the orphans of Eastern Europe.  I can't explain it.  Especially, since after our first plane ride home w/ Irina and Max I declared I am NEVER EVER doing this again!  LOL.  Yes, I did say that. 

I figured all we need is 1000 people to donate just one time of $10 to get us really in a good position to have some money for an upcoming first trip.  No, I don't have a date but Irina is getting fingerprinted this week & last time I talked to Mr. Immigration man, he said approval would be very, very quick as the rest of the docs are fine.  And being that Irina has obviously not committed a crime, I'm assuming it's safe to say her fingerprints will pass just fine.  Let's think about this $10 deal if you will.  A little thing of icecream is now $7 where we live.  Chip bags, on sale mind you, are 2 for $7 at most places.  For not much more than bags of chips, you can help rescue an orphan.  I thought about how much it was for us to go out to eat yesterday.  $107.  Now, we did have $100 worth of giftcards but still, think of what that could have helped had we not had the gift cards.  Any of you going out to lunch nowadays I know it costs a fortune.  Just one time, that $10 can really help these kids get home. No more waiting, no more delays.  We are getting so close that I don't want money to be a factor.   I know it's a lot of me to ask someone else help me get my kids home.  People say well, if you don't have the money, you shouldn't get the kids.  We HAVE the money to raise our children just as we have all our other 7.  We just don't have the $35K to$40K it will cost to get them home.  Put it this way, had we chosen the fertility route of treatments where each round is $25K, insurance would have paid for it.  Had we had to birth our children, insurance would have covered it.  There is no "adoption" insurance.  You truly have to want these children and be motivated to do what it takes to get them home.  Could we have gone the fertility route?  Absolutely.  Years ago.  We chose not to as there are so many orphans in the world that need a home.  I'm asking if some of you could pack a pb & j sandwich just one day instead of a fastfood lunch.  Use that lunch money to help 3 children find their forever family.  Please. Just one day, out of this entire year.  They truly are worth it. I really feel 3 human beings are worth the price of having to eat PB & J just one day this entire year. 

If the idea of just giving $10 away is not that appealing, I totally understand.  We also have a magazine fundraiser at the sidebar that has some proceeds going toward our adoption.  There are wonderful magazines. Tons to choose from for every genre you can think of!  Great gifts any time of the year and something people will enjoy receiving.  Do go check it out.

The BEST fundraiser we currently have is something I think everyone will love & truly deserves a post on its own.  Awesome, awesome towels!  Wait till you see this idea.  It helps not only get our kids home but will be an unique gift idea for the kids in your life.  I can not wait to show you all.  That is the next post coming up.  It is awesome.  Can't express it enough.  I was so honored to be able to take part in it.  The women that do this really are a gift to adoptive families.  Please come back and take a look at the wonderful gifts.

Hope you did not mind me being honest in this post.  As hard as it was for me to write, that is nothing compared to the wait we've had to endure.  I know everything happens for a reason and everything is in God's timing.  However, does not make things any easier for us nor the kids waiting on their forever family.  Please do tell me what you think of all the wonderful towels in the next post.  Wait till you see these things!  Will be an unique gift for many kids out there.  Plus, for every towel sold, we receive about half.  I know it sounds like an outlandish goal, but I would love to be able to sell at least 100 towels.   Again, more to come in the next post & you won't want to miss it. Stay tuned for more. 

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