Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas at Nana & Papa's House (part II)

After presents and many trips back to all the desserts, the kids needed to be outside.  Our kids live to be outside so it is really hard for them to stay inside the house for extended periods of time.  So, they did some outdoor activities.

Nik was playing around but finding it difficult to steer on the ice.  No coat. Hey, I'm lucky he had socks on at this point.

Alex enjoying some time on the scooter.  My kids live to be outdoors.  They have a nice covered carport to do this in.  Again, no jacket.  

The guys inspecting Papa's new old tractor.  Can you believe he completely refurbished this himself!?  Amazing work.  Looks & sounds brand spanking new.  

Another view of the tractor.  I forget what year in the 50's it was made.

Max is totally in his element here.  He loves anything mechanical and is quite artistic at it.  Beautiful tractor for sure.  They don't make them like this any more.  It lasted over 50 years before it needed some repairs.  Sure it would last another 50.  BTW, it's a Ford.  American made.  Says a lot I think.  

We will be going for another visit shortly we hope.  Some times the kids even stay here during the summer though not all at once.  This finally concludes all the past Christmas posts.  I know it took me awhile. Shoot, I did four posts today alone. 2 on Christmas, a medical update & an adoption update.  Not too bad.  Maybe I'll be caught up soon.  

Tomorrow we hope to go to church.  Warren is really sick right now but hoping it is short-lived bug.  Poor guy.  Trying to get kids at least bed ready.  They watched Agent cody Banks II earlier today.  We are actually thinking of signing up for Netflix.  Would love input if anyone has used that service.  At $8 a month, definitely cheaper than buying dvd's or renting them.  Is it worth it?  Anyone use it?  We don't have cable so thought this may be an option.  Let me know if any of you use it & what you think.  Time to go.  Too much laughter downstairs can only mean trouble.


  1. I've had Netflix for years and it's great. We watch a movie [or part of one] every night. It's SO much easier to monitor the queue on the computer than to try and go to the store. Give it a try.

  2. We just signed up for it in December. We have the Wii and PS3 so we can stream movies to our TVs along with getting them in the mail. Not all movies are available streaming. The new releases aren't and the same with older movies.

    We don't go to the moviessince it is too expensive. Netflix is less expensive then renting movies or buying them on demand through cable.