Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas at Nana & Papa's House (part I)

Finally, the last Christmas post.  It was Christmas all December long it seemed.  Nice feeling but also nice to get back a bit of routine.  Well, we were supposed to go on December 26th to Warren's parents house.  10" of snow deterred that idea.  So, we went that Wednesday instead.  They only live about 2 hours so the drive is not so bad.  Thought I'd share in pictures and this will probably be a 2 part or 3 part post.

My mother in-law is an artist.  No, really, that's her profession.  VERY artistic in not just the paintings/ drawings she does but also the decorations at Christmas time.  Very bright and festive.  Elegant is the word I'd use.  Versus Chaos Manor where the word is... chaos or whatever you find still survived in the Christmas decoration box.   It is obvious the house is not made for children any more.  That's not to be said in a mean way but just take a look:

That's right folks.  A house FULL of lots of breakables.  Glass, crystal, you name it.  Beautiful but with FAS kids, not the best. I am terrified every time I go in there w/ the pretty displays.  And in case you're wondering, yes, a breakable got drop on the glass table.  Nik did it but nothing got broken.  When I say something is broken in our home every single week, almost everyday, I am NOT a bit exaggerating.  So,you can imagine walking into this environment & my nerves going through the roof softly reminding all my kids don't run in the house like at home and above all else, please don't pick anything up.  Now, their Nana doesn't mind but as a parent you do feel bad if your kid breaks something. 

There was no shortage of food or desserts.  All very yummy.  Oh, Yana's hair.  The 3 girls decided the night before would be an excellent night to braid their hair & let it be frizzy the next day.  Not what I wanted them to do but they were cooperating so well I took advantage of it.  Hey, the hair wasn't as upsetting to me as said teenage daughter above wearing slippers to their house instead of shoes.  Yep, she was that lazy not to take off the slippers to go for a visit.  URGHH!!!  I did not think to check their shoes.  Believe me, we have to do a clothing check before we leave for certain events. 

Two of them goofing around before opening presents.  BTW, those glass balls sitting on top of more crystal/glass is what Nik eventually knocked over. 

Can you tell the kids were getting restless??  Max trying to get out of the chair.  Nik climbing up on the sofa.  Bojan plotting for I'm not sure what exactly.  And yes trust me, he's plotting.  I know the look.

Alyona modeling off her new clothes.  Very pretty.  She loves it. 

Kids opening their presents.  They were quite pleased with it all for sure.  

I know it's blurry but maybe you can see the excitement on Alex's face.  Inside all the boys' new wallets was money.  This is great for them but not so great for mom & dad.  LOL.  FAS children (as most children do) have trouble deciding what they want.  I swear I thought I'd never get out of Target when we went.  But, this also teaches them about taxes and saving and spending too.  Some of the kids had other money that they combined it with.  

The kids did well at their grandparents' house.  Nothing was broken and no meltdowns.  Though I could tell at the end it was getting tough for them.  When our children get out of sync, it takes days to recover.  They thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent visiting w/ Nana & Papa.  We're trying to work out a date to go back again.  Weekends are so hard b/c it throws them off for returning to school on Monday.  So looking for some long weekends & then of course Easter break is coming up.    Kids did well and even got many wonderful little surprises as far as presents go.  Cute slippers from their aunt Lisa & Uncle Tim.  Alex has worn his out already.  Seriously.  Alyona swears hers are boots instead of slippers so wants to wear them out all the time.  More pictures to come. 

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