Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy, busy day

Okay, so yesterday I called to check on everyone's eye appointments.  You know, those annual checkups.  Only to find out that 2 of my kids hadn't been in 2.5 years!  I was stunned & kept asking her to check the date sure that I couldn't be that bad of a mom to forget such a thing.  Umm yep, I was.  They were able to actually make the appointment for 9 o'clock this morning.  Original plan was for me to take Bojan & Yana w/ all the "littles" in tow.  Well, didn't work out quite that way as they didn't get here in time for me to execute said plan.  So, Warren took them for eye appointments.  He was actually in & out at a reasonable time frame.  He dropped them off at school & went straight to work.

I had 4 "littles" here today & decided to do some crafts since it was a mud pit outside.  We also went shopping at Dollar General for some craft supplies.  And we all decided it was in our best interest to sneak chips in the cart.  LOL.  They were even pretty good considering the store had trouble w/ the debit card machine & it took me a good ten minutes to check out.  Came home & had lunch.  After lunch, craft time.  I decided on tissue paper flowers.  Okay, before you actually decide to do a craft, do it ahead of time to make sure it won't frustrate you or the kids.  I know this, I just didn't do it.  The painting project went better than the tissue paper flowers.  Oh well.  Learning experience for us all.  Funny, as the stupid level had 'easy' by it.  Well, yes easy it was but what about frustration level?  Shouldn't that have a rating?  We watched a movie & then everyone started to leave & my kids start to come home.  Speech therapist is Thursdays as well.  Also, found out my father in-law & sister in-law were stopping by for  little while after dinner. 

Tried to clean up but gave up.  What I didn't say earlier is I thought it would be "creative" to use flour on a cookie sheet to write letters & shapes and stuff.  Yes, it was fun for everyone but it looked like a bakery had been bombed when we were done.  I also had received a letter from the JCPS system stating that Bojan could be retained due to all his unexcused absences.  URGHH!!!  He had surgery & also had the flu this year.  They're all excused.  So, wrote out all the reasons & dates of why he was out.  In addition to that, received an email from USCIS that was really vague.  I didn't quite get it & forwarded to agency who agreed it was vague.  Of course, gave no time frame in said email.  Apparently, I have a different officer now.  The email said " On behalf of Officer XXXXXX I have reviewed your case & will process the case accordingly.  Once the process is complete you will be notified via USPS mail."  Okay, the great news is I think it means it is currently being processed as it said it's been reviewed.  I'm keeping fingers crossed here.  Anyone else have a little insight?  Anyone else gotten an email similar to this before?  If so, can you give me an idea of what it means?  I'd appreciate it.  As you can imagine, we're anxious to get approval in order to go to Bulgaria.  Remember, back in November/ December, our officer said all we needed were Irina's fingerprints.  Everything else in the application & homestudy was fine.  Maybe I'm reading too much into it, too worried, I don't know.  Agency said give it a week & I definitely will.  I trust them, they've done this plenty of times before.  Doesn't make me any less nervous.  Why couldn't email say "you're approved, limited time only, go to Bulgaria now."  -- you know, like a car bank commercial would.  LOL.  A date would be nice.  I'd love to have a date of when the application may be approved.  For new adoptive parents in the process, once again, waiting is the hardest part about this process.  It truly is.  Thankfully, I have a family to keep me busy.  Doesn't make it easier but at least keeps the mind busy. 

As if all that wasn't enough yesterday, Irina decided she wants to stay at school.  URGHH!!!  I'm trying to give her the flexibility to make decisions as she is 18.  though in FAS age, that is not near adult age.  At all.  Still, need to let her do this some times...make decisions.  She has, she is staying at school.  Classes and people are different this semester.  Plus, she has a real confidence booster.  Irina is taking ASL I.  She made a 100 on the test today.  Obviously, she knows a little ASL.  Where she is having trouble & I'll have to talk to the teacher, is we have some "family" signs.  Many things we learn are from either the ASL University site or Joy of Signing book or our Speech therapist or Interpreter.  Combine it all and not everyone is going to sign every single thing the same way.  Irina has already gotten no, you must do it this way speech.  I use Nik signs a lot as he gets it directly from the interpreter & teaches me when I ask him.  So, I will chat w/ the teacher & explain our situation.  Hopefully, she'll be accommodating.  You know, I've had this blog for well over a year & just realized I have the spell check option.  Can you say duh? 

More to say.  This was from yesterday but got to busy to post it.  Hope all is well w/ everyone.  Have quite a few more posts tonight.  At least two more.  However, need to go cook dinner.  Chicken gaucolmole fajitas & rice.  Max & Irina are having a friend over for a spend the night deal.  Warren & I were going to go out to dinner tonight as we haven't had a date night type thing in well, l-o-n-g time.  However, coupon is not good on Friday or Saturday.  So, Sunday it is.  We use for gift certs when they have their 80% off specials every few months.  Nothing like a $10 gift cert for .80.  It's 80% off their prices.  Anyhow, great deals and every bit helps.  I'm sure most of you use this site anyhow.  We use it for a local restaurant and Coldstone Creamery.  Yum.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!  Much more to come as far as posts go.  Just been very, very busy the last few days w/ a few issues going on.  Oh, Bojan & Yana's eyes were fine btw. 

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