Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brief adoption update

Thought it was time for one.  As some of you are aware, we are waiting on one piece of paper essentially in order to travel to Bulgaria on trip one.  That would be the I-800A.  Originally, submitted back in October.  USCIS invoked the right to treat Irina as an adult member of the household.  So, addendum to homestudy done, sending in supplemental I done, sending in fingerprint money for her done, and waiting...and waiting... on a fingerprint appointment letter for Irina.  Still NOT received yet.  Yes, they got the money, sent the letter that said that & that the fingerprint appointment would be forthcoming.  Called yesterday as I knew something was not right.  After 24 minutes on the phone, I got absolutely...nowhere!  Yep, nowhere.  Why?  Because they had me in the wrong unit.  Yes, I gave them my name & receipt #, etc.  Told them it's for an adoption, etc.  Crazy.  Last person gave me the # to the adoption unit.  It was 5:05pm on a Friday.  Umm, yeh, no way anyone would be there then.  Lady on the phone agreed.  So, Monday I call again. 

Our adoption agency though is pretty confident that once the I-800A approval is in hand, travel would be coming about a month later.  Now, our officer told us once we have Irina's fingerprints done, nothing else is wrong w/ the application and that approval should be immediate.  Now, can you all understand why I'm SO ready to get her fingerprints done??  We are ready to go.  Yes, even in the midst of winter.  We're ready.  Hoping to hear some news on Monday.  And no, the letter was not in the mail today either.  Fingers & toes are crossed for Monday. 

Just thought you all should know where we stand as after all, this is supposed to be an adoption blog.  thought about changing the name of it since they're not home yet but will leave it for now and just change the blog name after they are home.  Thanks for letting me share.  I know it's not exciting news but at least there is some news.  I promise we're not making this adoption up even though at times it may seem like it since it's taking so long.  Going with the flow.  Wish us luck for news on Monday. 


  1. I feel your pain. We are also waiting for our 1-800A approval for 1st trip to Estonia to adopt our two siblings. We had to send more evidence (an addenmum to our homestudy for a statement). We started this process at the end of July and are still waiting. Hopefully you will hear soon!! Best Wishes!!

  2. Sorry things have been delayed so much :) Prayers that you get an answer to why the fingerprint appt. has not come on Monday. God bless, Jennifer