Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bonfire fun

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to attend a bonfire w/ friends of ours.  Amazing the people put in your path in life.  This family shares something special w/ us.  Two of her kids are from Stavropol, Russia.  In fact, two of their kids came over on the hosting event Yana and Alex were on.  Yes, they were all in the same orphanage.  Small world, huh?  We get together throughout the year.  This was the annual bonfire.  Many come to this event every year to burn leftover Christmas trees & other things.  Well, that & the wonderful food everyone brings to share.

Irina and Alyona trying to decide what to get.  I know you can't see it but w/ three tables of homemade food, it's a tough choice.  Great food for sure!
Some of the kids played in the living room.  Yes, there are swings in the living room.  Nik decided to use both swings at once.  He has snow boots on b/c it was muddy outside.  Figured those would be the best option.

Some of the kids decided to rock climb in the living room instead.  My kids love this idea.  Umm, no we are not installing those things here! 

Once done inside, the kids head outside towards all the animals. None of my kids are afraid of farm animals as they come here often enough.  They pet the chickens, emus, rabbits, goats, etc.  No fear.  It's awesome.  No Alyona, no pet chicken at home.

If bored w/ the animals, what better to warm up w/ on a cold day than a huge bonfire in the middle of the woods.  Was SO toasty warm and just great to sit & enjoy the view while eating dessert.

Alex, one of the many kids that are throwing sticks to feed the fire.  Ahh, Alex's element.  He did well and listened too.  There were quite a few men feeding the fire & making sure the younger kids stayed a certain distance.  

His smile says it all.  Again, my kids just love the outdoors and freedom of exploring nature.  I don't mind one bit that we don't have any of the latest & greatest tech toys.  I think this type of life is just more beneficial for my kids.  

Alyona was smittened by one of the kids there.  He grew up w/ Yana.  So, someone handcuffed them together as a joke.  She was thrilled to say the least.  She literally followed him around like a little puppy.  

An emu egg.  Forever learning here.  Beautiful egg and you can eat them.  We may need a few emus the way we go through eggs.  Shell was so hard compared to regular eggs.  Just unique.

What would a family outing be w/out some sort of injury?  Alyona was climbing the rock wall & fell on the edge of the wooden couch.  Ouch.  Fortunately, she fared pretty well.  Nothing an ice pack & a kiss can't cure.

Poor kid had the flu & then this.  Can you see that goose egg on her head?  She was more tired than anything at this point.  Unlike her sister Irina who doesn't feel pain, Alyona seems to act overly sensitive to pain.  Yes, even mosquito bites.  So, she was not too happy but then we showed her pie & other desserts. 

We had a wonderful time at the farm & bonfire.  Got home late that evening but still managed to get to church the next day.  Great evening w/ great friends.  Just relaxing and that's what we needed after such a long weekend.  Yana and Max were there but never got any pictures of them.  they were off w/ friends the whole time.  More to come.  Been a very busy day today and even busier tomorrow.  So, need to workout some & get paperwork done.  Enjoy your week everyone.  Calling USCIS tomorrow so wish me luck!  Please be nice to me Mr. Immigration man and approve our I-800A so we can go meet our kids.  That's all we want to do.  Got confirmation that Bulgaria has all they need from us except the approval.  That is all they're waiting on.  Got to go.  A RAD post will be forthcoming.  Lots to say on that one.  I think it's important to share what we've learned over the years & what works & doesn't work.  Even if just to let other RAD moms know they are not alone. 


  1. Good luck with your 1-800A approval!! I love the pictures (except the one with a Goose egg on Alyona's head - OUCH)! I think it is good to get back to the basics and Nature with kids. We try with ours - They love being outside and Yes we have 6 chickens that lay eggs. I really enjoy getting fresh eggs. We also have a 2 dogs, turtle, 6 lizards, 5 snakes, hermit crab & 9 hamsters (don't ask). Ok -Apparently we had a female and male that turned into 9 hamsters!! But they were really cute babies and it was a great learning experience ;-)
    I am glad you had a great evening!!

  2. Looks like a great time!
    Hope Immigration treats you well...looking forward to your RAD post. We are coping with lots of RAD behaviors lately. Ugh.

  3. Check out my blog. I'm trying to help you sell towels. // That egg is the coolest thing ever.