Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bojan & Warren's mini b-day

Both their birthdays are on January 5th.  Each year we add the candles together & have both of them blow them out.  We had 61 candles on there!  Yes, now you can figure out Warren's age. 

I was digging through the drawer to find all these candles.  Obviously, we did not have 61 that matched.  Hey, it worked.  

Candles are a blazing!  Have you ever seen this much fire on a cake?  

I thought this was hilarious.  I'm not sure which kid did it first but I was laughing while Warren was giving a smirky look.  Got to admit though, it is kind of funny.  So much fire to produce heat.

They both managed to blow out all the candles.  We all really enjoyed the cake.  It was chocolate cake courtesy of Irina and my homemade icing.   Everyone had some and all of us had some more for breakfast this morning.  Yep, I served chocolate cake with oranges for breakfast.  Thank goodness they weren't doing one of those nutritional journals for school this week.  

More to come on Bojan's gift from Nana...hint is in front of him.  And the final Christmas post with the grandparents.  Those two should be tomorrow.  I have the "littles" tomorrow so a later post.  And, I think 4 or 5 kids are spending the night tomorrow night.  I'm tired already.  Have a great weekend everyone.  We're having more cake so I know we will.  Good night.

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