Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bits & pieces

Today is my birthday.  Great day.  We went to church this morning.  No major incidences other than me realizing Alex was wearing no socks & had a huge hole in his pants.  URGHH!!!  My kids have decent clothes so how come they always want to revert to the just found it on the floor look?  After church, we went out to lunch.  We went to the Olive Garden.  Decided to grab a menu and was stunned at what prices have gone to lately. Yikes!  So, told the kids they had to order the $10 or $11 items.  There was nothing lower.  That gave them around 7 choices.  Then, we get to the table & kids' menus are cheaper so let the older kids bump it up to $13 which gave them quite a few more choices.  Now, for those who don't know, this is sometimes difficult for FAS kids.  Sure enough, too many choices. URGHH!!!  Should have kept my mouth shut & stick to the first decision made.  Oh well.  Live and learn. 

We all picked and what great choices.  Warren had calamari for the first time, Irina and I had chicken parmagiana, Max had portebello ravioli, Yana some type of ravioli.  All great choices and HUGE platters of food. HOnestly, do they really think people could eat all that?  I gave my spaghetti to Nik after he'd eaten his kids' ravioli.  My chicken(came w/ 2 pieces) to Bojan.  Needless to say, we ate enough for 2 days.  Fantastic meal and kids did really well.  They had trouble ordering (older kids did) but I helped them w/it and we're working on that.  Mean was great.  We had received gift cards to Olive Garden for Christmas from my parents. They wanted Warren & I to use it for date nights but it is truly hard to get away from the kids w/ the types of issues they have.  So, decided a family meal would be just as great a gift so that's what we used them for. 

We came home fully expecting the dogs to have had an accident.  Nothing.  They did fantastic and nothing was chewed up.  Then, Warren & I went to Lowes to get some fencing.  See, some of our yard is fenced in.  We never had the chance to fence in the rest & now w/ the puppies it has become imperative.  They are runners.  Max did a great job w/ helping put up part of the fence. He's going to finish what he can tomorrow.  He loves working & I love putting him to work.  LOL.  Max also will finish the spakle job as he was working on the fence stuff today.  Irina, Max & I will then help to paint the room later this week.  Move in Alyona next weekend.  Now, that should be very interesting. 

Tomorrow I take the dogs to the vets.  Can't wait to see how much the puppies weigh now.  Big is all I can say.  I woke up early, early this morning wondering why I was so warm.  Apparently, Alaska CAN jump up on the bed as that is where I found her this morning...on top of my legs.  What a dog.  She is spoiled rotten is all I'm going to say about that one.  We are working on the word 'shake' for them now.  They know sit & pretty much know come unless they are blantantly ignoring us.  You know, like the kids do. 

There is a BIG fundraiser starting tomorrow.  I can hardly wait!  You'll love this one.  something that would make a great gift for the kids you know in your lives.  Something they can use for a few years.  Makes great birthday gifts, holiday gifts or just because gifts.  I'll definitely have more up tomorrow & really need your help spreading the word.   VERY excited.  I'm also going to try to arrange for an Applebee's fundraiser night in February.  Slowly but surely, I think we'll get there.  So, please stay tuned for tomorrow's fundraiser & do help me spread the word anywhere and everywhere you can.  Have a great evening and much more to come. 

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